Nexus 7 Camera Apps

Google Nexus 7 Video ReviewI’ve had my Nexus 7 for about a month now. While I really like it, I haven’t given up on trying to make the camera work.

So, I went and bought a few of the most popular Nexus 7 camera apps to see if any of them work. Hint, none of them work very well and some are even worse than the free camera app.

Below you can see pictures from a few of the camera apps I have.

Camera Launcher for Nexus 7 by MoDaCo

Also known as the free Nexus 7 camera app. This app allows you to use the Camera and Video Camera applications on your Nexus 7. In my opinion, it looks just as good as the more expensive apps.

Nexus 7 Camera App Indoors

Nexus 7 Camera App Indoors

Nexus 7 Camera App Outdoors

ProCapture Camera App by Neast Studios America LLC

The pictures this app takes are always blurry. I think it slows the shutter speed in some way to try and improve the photo? Either way the pictures are poor.

ProCapture Camera App Indoors

ProCapture Camera App Outdoors

ProCapture Camera App Outdoors

Camera Zoom FX Camera App by AndroidSlide

The same bad pictures as you get for free with the default camera app.

Camera Zoom FX Camera App Indoors

Camera Zoom FX Camera App Indoors

Camera Zoom FX Camera App Outdoors

Camera Zoom FX Camera App Outdoors

Android Photo Editing Apps

I also tried a few Android photo editing apps. They can only go so far because the pictures are just not any good.

Perfectly clear surprisingly did clean up some photos as you can see here. They aren’t great, but they look a little better.

Perfectly Clear Indoors

Perfectly Clear Indoors

AfterFocus is an app that is supposed to make DSLR-like photos by blurring out parts of the photo. All this accomplished was the generation of even more blurry photos.

If you want to see if photo editing apps might be fun, check out PicShop Lite which is free. At worst, you’ll just be out the few minutes you spend uninstalling it if you don’t like it.

So, that is my take on Android photo apps on the Nexus 7. If you know of one that I should check out, leave a comment below. I hope this saves somebody some money.

4 Responses to “Nexus 7 Camera Apps”

  1. Try ZOOM fx, quite a nice app 🙂

  2. Seed says:

    i was planning to buy this tablets too, i still not sure getting this or galaxy tab 2 7.0, this have already used this, how is it?

    • admin says:

      I love the Nexus 7 except for a few things. There is no way to use it without wifi. That is bad for me since I don’t often have access to wifi. The apps aren’t available, or are poor in comparison to those on iPad. The size is perfect and for reading it can’t be beat. If I was to judge the Android tablets today I’d still get a Nexus 7. It just feels like a finished product and I’ve found the other Android tablets to be faulty in some way hardware, or OS wise, while I think the Nexus shines

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