UML 2.0 Class Diagrams

UML 2.0 Class DiagramsWelcome to my UML 2.0 Class Diagrams tutorial. Class diagrams describe classes and how they relate to each other.

I’ll not only cover class diagrams, but I’ll also cover abstraction, encapsulation, visibility, multiplicity, dependence, inheritance, constraints, OCL and more.

As an added benefit, because the concept is so simple, I’ll also cover Object Diagrams in this tutorial. I hope you find it useful.

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8 Responses to “UML 2.0 Class Diagrams”

  1. greg says:

    di you have any videoes on webservices in java or php? that would be great.



    • admin says:

      Hi Greg,

      I haven’t covered that yet, but I will before I’m done with Java. I plan on covering everything imaginable even if it takes me 2 years

      • Rama Raju says:

        Ohh that would be great Derek. I love you videos and was wondering if you would have anything on Open Source Frameworks like Spring, Hibernate and SOA ( Web Services ) coming anytime soon.

        On a lighter note … in 2 years you will see a lot more coming in Java 🙂 So I don’t think you can get away from this ever !

  2. Jin-Ho David Shin says:

    I spent so many hours searching for a good JAVA tutorial.. nothing is better than yours so far.. Thank you so much. Spending hours on this website each day…

  3. Tommy says:

    Hey derek, I think you confused composition with aggregation in the Video.

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