UML 2.0 Sequence Diagrams

UML 2.0 Sequence DiagramsWelcome to my tutorial on UML 2.0 Sequence Diagrams! Sequence diagrams model interactions in your program and provide you with a logical way to layout your system. They are about showing the order of interactions between the parts of your program.

In making sequence diagrams, you describe which interactions are triggered and when. They focus in on the order of events in all interactions.

The video below covers just about everything and the cheat sheet that follows is there to re-enforce the specifics.

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UML 2.0 Sequence Diagram

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UML 2.0 Sequence Diagram

8 Responses to “UML 2.0 Sequence Diagrams”

  1. Atif says:

    Hi Derek ,

    There’s Nothing to say but “Hats Off” . You’re much much better than my teacher . In 12 mins you explained what my teacher couldn’t get us to understand for a very long time .

    I don’t why , I was saying , may be It’s my fault , not my teacher’s , this thing is hard to understand and i’m idiot , dumb … .

    But now , No way , this is completely clear and obvious .
    Thank you Derek , I really really appreciate your work .

    Thank a bunch . You are the man

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you very much for taking the time to write such a nice message. I don’t believe anyone is dumb. I just think we all learn in different ways. I’m one of the only people that makes fast tutorials because that is how I learn. Sadly some teachers believe we all learn in the same way. Eventually I hope that more and more people start making videos on every topic imaginable. Then everyone in the world will be able to get a free education online that is taught in a style that is perfect for them. That day is very close.

      Thank you for stopping by my little website 🙂

  2. Ed says:

    Hi, thank you for posting this.

    Do you have the UMLet file of this? I’m learning how to use umlet and having problems drawing a well organized diagram like this one.



  3. Himanshu Gajwani says:

    Very Nice Tutorial. As Atif said it’s 10 times simpler and easier then what our teachers teach.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you 🙂 I’m very happy to be able to help. I use a bunch of teaching techniques that are different from classroom study since I can’t properly recreate a classroom atmosphere.

  4. Rozhin says:

    Hi Derek , Thanks for your great tutorials , i have one question, how should i identify participants from use Case diagram, as u know use case has more general information ,however in order to draw a sequence diagram u need to know all interactions and details, so i get confused how to drag participants and message exchanges from a useCase, i appreciate any help.

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