Object Oriented Design 4

Object Oriented Design Domain ModelWelcome to the 4th part of my Object Oriented Design tutorial. I show you how to plan your first iteration. I explain all of the parts of the Elaboration phase of Object Oriented Design.

Then I take the Usage Case I made in part 3 of this tutorial, and convert it into a Domain Model. I cover all of the following: conceptual classes, how to build domain models, turning nouns into classes, associations and how to tell an attribute from a class.

This is a big tutorial, but the diagram that follows the video will help you learn this stuff.

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Domain Model

Click the image below a few times to view it full screen

UML Domain Model


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  1. Marko says:

    Hi Derek, what’s the difference between object model and domain model? For flipping game you used object model, and for ATM you used domain model? Why is that?

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