Android Development for Beginners 4

Android Development for Beginners 4In this tutorial I’ll finish up the app I made in the last part. I’ll continue to cover event handling, sliders, and notifier. I’ll also cover how to open other App Inventor apps, browsers, email, Google Maps, YouTube and more.

All the blocks I drew in the video follow below the video to help. Next time I will create an app that will show how to display audio, video, images and more locally and across the internet.

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Blocks from the Video

Click the 2 images below to view them full screen

App Inventor Blocks

App Inventor Blocks 2

9 Responses to “Android Development for Beginners 4”

  1. nishant says:

    how to make an small attendance system in android .
    (also wat database connectivity has to be used ) plss help

  2. Sheroz says:

    Hey,Derek! Thank you for the great tutorial.
    I had a question – I’m trying to launch facebook messenger instead of a zombie app. I used the android system info to get package name, but when I click the button it says: “error 601 no corresponding activity was found”. Do you know what is the matter?

    Thank you in advance!

  3. vista2k5 says:

    Hi Derek
    Thanks for great tutorial videos!!!
    One thing I’m running into is after I press the button to launch the Zombie app, the map, email, website, youtube buttons all reopen the zombie app. I have to close the List app and reopen it to have the map, email, website and youtube buttons to work properly. but once i open the zombie app, map, email, etc does not work and just opens the zombie app. seems like there is a cache that is not being cleared.

    Thanks again.

  4. rajansu says:

    Hello Derek. Thank you for your awesome tutorials. I followed this tutorial and tested on my device. Everything works well however once another app inventor in opened,it does not open other stuffs like email, youtube and all. When YouTubeButton,MapButton are pressed it opens the same app inventor. Could you describe the reason and provide the solution for it? Thank you.

  5. Sarah White says:

    Hey, Derek! I’ve followed your tutorial (which was great, by the way), but I keep running into the same error–error 601. I promise that I have the exact same code and yet every time I try to send an email, it won’t let me. I’m not sure why. Do you have any ideas? Any suggestions?

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