Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 Winners

Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 WinnerA few days ago I did a video on the winner of the Samsung Smart App Challenge. Since everyone seemed to like it I decided to cover the other 9 winners in just one 9 minute video.

The winning apps are available for download here. I also did a tutorial on the Samsung Mobile SDK if you want to learn about that.

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The Samsung Smart App Challenge for Galaxy S4 rewarded 10 app makers $800,000.

1st place received $200,000
3 – 2nd place winners received $100,000 each
6 – 3rd place winners received $50,000 each

The main goal of those developers that participated was to develop apps specifically for the S4 device, but also to incorporate the Samsung Chord capabilities into those apps.

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  1. Vivek says:

    When is the SAMSUNG SMART APP CHALLENGE 2014? 🙂

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