Android Development for Beginners 18

App Inventor Texting ExampleIn this part of my App Inventor video tutorial I will provide an App Inventor Texting Example. I have been asked for the easiest way to make a texting app and this is it.

The app will allow you to send texts, receive texts, and also send out an alert to the sender if you are busy. I decided to make this app right out of my head to help those people that have questions about the thought process during programming. All of the blocks used can be found below after the video. Here is the finished app if you want it.

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App Inventor Texting Example Blocks

Click the image below a few times to view full screen

App Inventor Texting Example Blocks

14 Responses to “Android Development for Beginners 18”

  1. Michael Burch says:

    Do you know of any Apps made with App Inventor that have had any success in the App Store?

  2. Eva says:

    Hi Derek,

    I have watched your videos and tried to learn how to program the blocks to save to a tiny DB on my tablet and display it in a four column table using date, b/p, pulse, and comments as table headings. I am trying to build an app to use as a free download on my website and hopefully learn how to build more complicated apps to use for other medical purposes.

    I have tried to learn how to do this using pieces of your videos but so far I haven’t been successful in doing so. I don’t understand how to set up the lists and what to use in the initialize screen block. Could you set this up for me for a small fee and is it possible to communicate with you through email since I prefer not to use facebook or other social media at this time?

  3. scott says:

    Another Excellent Video, Thank you.
    On another note, just your opinion (or maybe you know) Do you think youTube is profitable for Google & what is their business model? just that transparent ad overlayed on the bottom of the video?

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you 🙂 From what I’ve read YouTube generates over $6 Billion in profit. There are numerous types of ads. I use the unobtrusive transparent ads you mentioned most of the time. After a video has been up for over a month I normally use a pre-roll skippable ad. There are really nasty ads that play every 3 minutes. I have never used them and I never will.

  4. Francois says:

    Hi Dereck, I am a web developer who hasn’t been working for the past 3 years for a software company. why? well, because I was a coldfusion developer for about for ears. And I always tried to stir back toward java or one of the main stream language. but mostly java. the problem is that I find it overwhelming…well, I don’t find java overwhelming, but all the framework around it like Spring, hibernate, struts, ant, maven, etc…
    Therefore even though I have been constantly study java and all this framework all along for the past 3 years, I still don’t feel confident to apply for a job. can you advise/ help me PLEASE!

    • Derek Banas says:

      Hi Francois,

      I’d say the part that people struggle with the most in the beginning is understanding exactly how to model real world objects into Java objects. I did my best to teach that in my object oriented design tutorials. As per Enterprise Java I have found that you can some times meet an unfriendly group for some reason. Mobile Java developers seem to be normally happy to help each other though. If you are struggling with Enterprise why not try mobile instead? I have to turn down 95% of the work I’m offered because very few people seem to be doing it. I focus on helping business owners with private apps which is different from most mobile developers.

      If you want to go the enterprise route there are a bunch of good books out there, but to get in the door you will more then likely need to do free work to build a portfolio.

      I wish you all the best 🙂

  5. Ahmed Mamdoh says:

    I finished watching your app inventor tutorials and it’s pretty awesome , I learned a lot from it, but I have one question, How can I make a side bar navigator like the one founded in the play store ?

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you like it. You’ll either have to model something that resembles what you want, or doctor the app using Java. By the end I show how to convert from App Inventor into Java Android.

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