Android Development for Beginners 21

App Inventor Paint App ExampleIn this video tutorial I will provide you with an App Inventor Paint App example tutorial. I make the entire app in this one video.

Specifically we’ll look at what we can do with the canvas component. It allows you to draw curves, straight lines, circles, text and text on an angle. We’ll make a palette of colors, provide for the ability to load and save files to a database. All of the blocks used follow the video below. Here is the finished app for download.

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App Inventor Paint App Example Blocks

Click the image below to view it full screen

App Inventor 21 Blocks

App Inventor Paint App Example Design

TableArrangement1 : 3 Columns, 1 Row, Height 11 px

Label1 : Width 10 px, Height 200 px

Canvas1 : BackgroundColor White, Width 300 px, Height 100 px

Label2 : Width 10 px, Height 200 px

HorizontalArrangement4 : Height 10 px

HorizontalArrangement2 : Width Fill Parent, Height Automatic

Label7 : Width 10 px, Height 30 px

All Color Buttons : Width 43 px, Height 40 px, BackgroundColor is whatever the color is

HorizontalArrangement5 : Height 10 px

HorizontalArrangement1 : Height 40 px

PaddingLabel : Width 10 px

BrushSizeLabel : Width and Height Automatic

Slider1 : MaxValue 20, MinValue 2, Width 70 px

SaveButton, LoadButton, ClearButton are all default

HorizontalArrangement7 : Default

Label10 : Width 10 px, Height Automatic

LinesCheckBox : Width 75 px, Height Automatic

TextCheckBox : Width 75 px, Height Automatic

AngleTextCheckBox : Width Automatic, Height Automatic

HorizontalArrangement8 : Height 5 px

HorizontalArrangement6 : Width Fill Parent, Height Automatic

Label9 : Width 10 px

FileNameLabel : Everything is default

FileNameTextBox : Width 230 px, Height Automatic

SavedImagesListPicker : Hidden

App Inventor Paint App Example

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