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How I Make YouTube VideosI have been really struggling with who should win the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for my video contest. I would greatly appreciate it if everyone out there would give me input on who should win.

Please leave your vote in the comments below. Please only vote one time. Please don’t use social media to try and get outsiders to vote for you. I want this to be an honest contest. Thank you so very much to everyone that participated. You all did an AMAZING job πŸ™‚

If I accidentally didn’t post your video, or if I didn’t post the right video please tell me. Rather then picking just a few potential winners I decided that it would be best to give everyone an opportunity to win. Just so everyone knows the videos below are in no specific order.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10

Video 11

Video 12

Video 13

Video 14

Video 15

Video 16

62 Responses to “Pick the Best Video”

  1. Tugsbayar Bat-Ulzii says:

    Are you sure it’s okay to get vote for all videos?
    People may use a trick. (Just my thought).
    I’m on video No.2.

  2. Julian Killingback says:

    Number 11

  3. Tor TheBerry says:

    i really laughed at all of the videos, but i will still vote for myself, video 8, because i think i had the funniest video. also its my birthday tomorrow (for reals, you can check up my name)

  4. Asbah says:

    My vote goes to video 8!

  5. Lilly says:

    This is really difficult, but I think I will vite for video number 8

  6. Hieu DΓΊc says:

    I think nomber 8 was the most original one and therefor the best one! Big fan by the way, Derek! x’3

  7. John Claessens says:

    My vote is for Video #5.

    Glad to help

  8. Michael Burch says:

    I vote for Video 2!

  9. Manuel Silverio says:

    I thought my video was the funniest so video #6 it is!!!

  10. I vote for video #13

  11. Angelica Salas says:

    I like video 6!!! πŸ˜€

  12. It is really competitive and i loved all the videos. When it comes to funny/quality/fair submission (2mins or under), I happily vote for video #5. Go AndroMen!!

  13. Srik says:

    My vote goes for #5 for being very funny and creative.

  14. anita says:

    i pick number 10 that video is funny

  15. sarah says:

    I vote for 10.

  16. Ameen says:

    number one is very nice and he did a lot of work drawing, coloring and cutting the pieces
    but I hope he find a better way to move the stickers on the table instead of by hand
    number ten is also nice trying to simulate Mr. Bean

    And the judge is for you

  17. Well, it looks like I am number 9 and I will obviously vote for myself. I’ll tell you why I think I should win followed by a general statement about this vote: most of the videos were mildly funny to me personally, but only a few really made me smirk, and I realized that it this was mostly due to production skills (some of you guys are really awesome/pros) and clever tricks or creativity. But the contest is about what’s really “funny” and what makes you laugh. Not what production values were the most professional or what was cute, what wasn’t so much funny but creative or skillful, or who had sad stories. If it were a sad story contest, I’d talk about child abuse, 22 years as a victim of violence, how a virus destroyed my aorta/left me with an artificial heart valve, the two month coma I endured or how my family betrayed me afterwards, resulting in a lifetime of chronic pain, depression, a ruined marriage and very, “very” hard times. So let’s stop that, guys.
    So back to “funny.” I feel my video had great comedy concepts. How could you not find a sad sack veteran of a secret war with Canada funny? Sneaking into a herd of cats to sneak a bite of cat food, accosted by bionic dogs (the bionic sound effects still make me laugh) carnivorous miniature horses and their big black Mama horse. I ended with an Iron Eyes Cody spoof that probably only Americans will get but funny regardless. If Iron Eyes Cody had blown his nose, that sure would have changed the impact of those old commercials. In short, it was “funny,” and I can tell you “why” it’s funny. If detractors say it’s not, that’s just more of the “no, vote for me instead” nonsense, which takes me to why I pray you won’t use this voting for other than a bit of input to help you decide yourself.
    (Sigh) Derek, you’re such a nice guy, and I’m not blowing smoke. I get the feeling you don’t want to hurt our collective feelings. This vote, though:I just got here and there are five votes in a row for a video that is a bit lackluster, perhaps ‘mildly’ funny, but not anywhere near the funniest, so it’s already become a “how many of my friends can I get to vote” popularity contest if not all out fakery/false identities. That’s pretty cheap and I don’t want to recruit friends to do the same or make false addresses/names, so here’s my suggestion. Instead of “voting,” have people explain “why” the videos they think are so funny “are” funny, and not just “original.” In this way, perhaps they’ll help you figure out/decide which one is “really” funniest. Otherwise, it will be nothing but a bunch of “pick me, pick me, pick my husband, brother, friend! Seriously, people have already proven they won’t be honest, so would you please just use the input to make your own, honest judgment? That I can live with.
    BTW, all the animals in the video are our rescues who we “gladly” support and would never give up or betray for any shiny gift or pile of money. I’d rather talk between two cans on a string (another concept I didn’t have room for on my video. Was going to do that, use toy phones, antique phones and do the, “Can you hear me know?” thing) than not be there for them. Doesn’t bother me at all to not be able to buy material things because of it. I wish everyone else felt this way, then there wouldn’t be thousands of homeless and neglected/unloved little beings out there. Please support your local animal rescue charities

    • Derek Banas says:

      You are an amazingly creative guy. The vote will only partially define who wins. I’m pretty good at finding out if people are cheating so you don’t need to worry about that. Good for you for taking care of so many sheltered animals. I will always do the same. I find it to be very cruel when I see the animals caged up in pet stores.

      • Thanks, and that is a great relief, too. Yes, breeders are one part of the problem. The two Boxer dogs in the video are from one of those situations, and Falkor, the white one, almost died. It’s just money to those people, and they could care less. Then, there’s ignorance, like people who let their pets roam free. They get run over by cars, get lost, get pregnant and anything else you could think of + some you’d never think of / imagine. Reason (as in “There’s a reason for everything,”) the pretty little cat who is made to look like she’s attacking me, was dumped at a barn, with other cats, by some lunkheads who thought they’d become ” barn cats” and live off of mice and rats. They wind up not living at all and either starve to death or get killed by coyotes, etc., unless some kind soul finds them, catches them and finds them a home. On top of that, she was pregnant, in spite of being almost a kitten herself, The litter would not have survived more than a day or so out there. Horses, people get excited about until they get bored with them, and like all other animals, wind up alone and starving.
        Human beings continually regard animals as playthings that they can just throw away when they’re done with, but they’re beautiful living beings who are at “least” as important as ourselves. When I see their pure, loving hearts and their gentleness, I think moreso! We humans have a tendency to be very selfish and get so caught up in our own drama that we forget everyone else in the universe, when, in fact, we are only one very small part. It’s so hard to get people to open their minds and consider others, let alone educate them.
        I truly hope you will raise your sweet kids with a good awareness of these important issues (and from what you tell me, you probably will : ). ) We can only do what we can while we’re here, and then it’s their turn to change things for the better / fix the messes. Thanks for listening and for your fairness : )

        • Derek Banas says:

          I do my best to raise my kids, but the outside influences are terrible. A perfect example of that is what just happened with my 5 year old. I got a letter that said I had to teach her her phone number. So, I sat down with her for no more then 5 minutes and had her sing her phone number. We did this a few times and she knew it for her next day at pre-school.

          That was over 3 weeks ago. Every day I see the pre-school teacher tell most every other parent that their child needs to learn their number. I think people treat their children about as well as the animals you described sadly.

  18. Venkat says:

    thanks derek for the wonderful contest. I like all of them, but let me vote my video i.e video #5

    PS: I am the jelly bean from the video πŸ™‚

  19. Chiel says:

    I like my own video number 14 πŸ˜‰

  20. Rocco says:

    I know you only asked for one, but I enjoyed 2 and 6. Maybe you’ll need a tie breaker.

  21. Nicolas says:

    10 πŸ™‚

  22. Samara says:

    I think they’re all hilarious, but nr 8 is the best!!

  23. Mo says:

    When you juxtapose the videos number 8 wins, so there is my vote

  24. Kenny says:

    I think video 6 is the funniest

  25. Ana Villegas says:

    I like video number 6

  26. YM says:

    Out of all the videos I prefer #6.

  27. Ana Villegas says:

    I like video #6

  28. Danny says:

    I am gonna vote for video 6

  29. fares obiad says:

    it’s nice to see all the video’s here πŸ™‚ wish the best for all

    ,,, i did my best on my video “number 10 ” , i hope you laugh
    on it and enjoy it
    if you like it please vote for my ^_^

  30. dalal says:

    My vote goes to video 10 ^_^

  31. Shravs says:

    Hi Derek…
    I am a Business Management student…I have started learning android from your tutorials just for fun …..its really nice and i enjoy your videos..

    my vote goes to Video #5… it seem really nice!!

  32. Biff says:

    Creativity, production values, lighting and execution.. plus lots of laughs. Number 9 deserves the win.

  33. Samyuktha says:

    I vote for video #5

  34. SR says:

    I vote for video #6.

  35. ada conde says:

    I vote for #13

  36. race legaspi says:

    i like video #13 because it is funniest one. not like others .

  37. Farah says:

    i vote for #10

  38. Hanne says:

    I like video nr. 8! πŸ™‚

  39. Kathrine says:

    Number 8! Loved the comment in the end

  40. Scott says:

    Thanks for the contest, very fun
    all entertaining, some scarry
    1, 4, 5, 8, 10 – contenders
    #5 – Android Men, THE BEST

    • Luke says:

      Thanks for the mention, Scott! Mine is #4. πŸ™‚

      Some of these are really well done and took a lot more work than mine did, but honestly I still crack up the most at my wife photo-bombing me while I’m setting up the camera. LOL I didn’t find out until I was trying to cut the clips together.

  41. Jin says:

    I like many, but my vote for video 5.

  42. Suraj says:

    BTW I am the Guy in #5- who dreams android πŸ™‚

  43. Joy says:

    I <3 #1! πŸ™‚

  44. ROLDAN MACALAM says:

    Oh yeah.. Great video of number 13. It’s so entertaining and amazing and it was created by his own originality.

  45. quqa says:

    i like the vedio number 10 πŸ™‚

  46. hasan m. shehada says:

    Number 10

  47. Gansukh says:

    Vote for 2.
    1 is very creative. But 2 is funnier.

  48. Julian Killingback says:

    If you didn’t watch #11 all the way you’re missing out on the best part. I ask that you watch all the way through I would really appreciate it.

  49. Tulasivenkatram R says:

    Hi derek, I like your android tutorials very much . I very much enjoy watching the tutorials. Video #5 is hilarious. My vote goes to video #5 .

  50. Omar says:

    6 was best

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