And the winner is

YouTube LogoAfter thinking about this for weeks I have finally decided on the winner. It was very hard for me because there were so many beautifully made videos. I was going to go against my word and vote for the best made video which in my opinion was this one. I however originally said that the winner would be the video that made me laugh the hardest.

The video that made me laugh the hardest was the one below. I apologize for not being able to give you all $900 in prizes because you all deserve the prize. You are all amazing people and I feel very honored that you’d take the time to enter my contests.

The Funniest Video in My Opinion

If I for some reason cannot contact the winner I will pick a new one.

Thank you once again. You guys are all great 🙂

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  1. Rocco says:


  2. Hm, this one didn’t do “it” for me so much, but the contest wasn’t about what makes me laugh, it was about what makes “you” laugh. I’m really glad you stuck to your guns and awarded the prize to the entry that truly met your criteria the most accurately. Was kind of afraid that the phony voting would influence you, but it did not. Kudos to you and congrats to the winner, you lucky guy, you. Crossing my fingers for the writing. That is where my greatest strength lies, and I’m going to give that my all, God willing. Well, thanks again for “the opportunity” (kind of becoming the catch phrase around here. . . which is both fitting and true) Still glad that I got my entry submitted, and learned a lot in the process.
    Stay Cool & Take Care Everybody,
    Anthony : )

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you very much for your video Anthony!!! I wanted to be able to give more. I was amazed by the fabulous videos. I have a strange sense of humor I guess? The beginning of the video where he explained that his brother wasn’t his wife was enough for me. Then the final song was great. It just really cracked me up.

      I will probably do the writing contest. I just want to keep them short so that I can read them all. best of luck next time 🙂

  3. On second watch, that was pretty funny… Congratulations Paul!

    • Derek Banas says:

      It is a great video. I think it wasn’t getting any attention because people didn’t stick with it the whole way through. This kid is a comedic genius and he just doesn’t know it 🙂

  4. Elgin says:

    Congratulations to the winner…
    Yes I agree to you Sir Derek this one was the funniest
    Maybe other entries are great like mine because we do our best not only to win but to share/express our thoughts and ideas.

    I’m enjoyed the contest and I’m happy to join again… hahaha..

    Thanks Sir Derek for making us productive with your tutorials. I’m proud to be a member of your community…


    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you very much for participating in the contest. I wish i could have given away more phones. Many people did a fabulous job. The winner just made a perfect video for me because it was amusing in so many different ways. I thought it was particularly great that he didn’t think he was being funny.

  5. Nebojsa Videnov says:


  6. Congratulations! to the winner!

    Probably from next time make sure you have your rules for the competition well defined and that its a fair game for everyone. If it is a competition then you should have rules, else its not a competition. If 2 mins was not a limit, then I dont think we had to spend so may hours editing the video by handpicking few of the comical acts that andromen did and cutting down as much as possible (we even accounted fraction of seconds of the sequences) to fit in the elements within 2 mins. As I said, we had some many more funny sequences of andromen, we were sad that we had the content already shot but could not add them into the video due to the limit. Everyone had put their hardwork behind their videos and I think you need to respect the rules as well along with your word “make me laugh”. Else people will even shoot a full fledged charlie chaplin movie for 1 hour 30 mins and submit it.

    1. “To enter you basically need to make a 2 minute or less video explaining why you should win”
    2. “The video that is the funniest to me wins”

    Both 1 & 2 are your words.

    Just a thought for future competitions for everyone to feel it was fair. Because, I am sure, I am not the only one who felt like this.

    Thank you,

    • Derek Banas says:

      Sorry Vishak. You guys made a fabulous video. I just had to go with what made me laugh the most in the end. I know that many people were surprised by the winner. I should have provided more info on what humor makes me laugh. It almost always tends to be based around when a person is uncomfortable being funny. All along I figured it was always going to be a guy that just sat in front of a web cam.

  7. Scott says:

    Congratulations, what’s next Derek?

  8. Biff says:

    Derek, not sure if I’m inuring in the right place. I think you mentioned a while ago one of the contests for the Galaxy phone and watch would be a short story. Did I miss that contest? Or is it going to happen in the future or not at all. I’m not very talented in the other categories you mentioned especially technical categories. But I think I am a good creative writer and have a cute short Christmas story for kids along the lines of Rudolph. The theme being acceptance of someone a little bit different. Hope it is still coming up so I may submit this.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Yes I’ll be giving away more phones. I decided to take a break for a little bit because my website was starting to look like a contest site 🙂

      I’m thinking that I will limit the length of the story and maybe require people to submit a recording of themselves reading the story. That way it will be easier for me to listen to them all. I haven’t decided yet, but that will probably be the requirement?

  9. Biff says:

    OK that’s cool. Will you be announcing it through email or should we keep checking back here for when that contest will start?

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