The Last Contest

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GiveawayI have one more Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch left to give away. I decided I’d let everyone vote on what the last contest should be. I’d like it to be a skill based contest so that the prize doesn’t go to somebody randomly though.

I’ve had videos based on app design, artistic skills, app design and funny videos. It has been a lot of fun having these contests. Thank you for everyone that has participated.

Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below. The final contest will be based on what ever you all vote for.

Everyone on Earth has the opportunity to enter as long as I can get the prize to you. I pay for shipping and everything else. Feel free to share this opportunity with others. [googleplusone]

54 Responses to “The Last Contest”

  1. Ali Jamali says:

    app design and funny videos

  2. Pravin Shirsat says:

    Smartphone photography this will be great

  3. Biff says:

    I think as yo once mentioned, it should be a creative story contest. Writing a short story about anything. Recording it so you can hear it and select whatever seems really creative.

    • Derek Banas says:

      If I go that route I’d definitely want it recorded either in audio or video form. This was my original plan. Thanks for the input 🙂

      • Biff says:

        I had been waiting since you first mentioned you may do the short story contest.

        I certainly hope you do since I’m not that technically savvy enough for making any kind of a cool app as yet. 🙂

        Whatever you decide it’s been nice of you give out the great prizes. And good luck to everyone if it is another tech type contest.

  4. Fredrik H says:

    I vote for a apo design contest! 🙂

  5. My Info says:

    As much as most your effort is about teaching skills there is one skill which is the gateway to any job and that is how to ace an interview , is that something one can teach?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Trivia that only your biggest fans or someone who has watched all your videos would know.

  7. Moe says:

    health app

  8. Round says:

    app design 😀

  9. Anthony Harper says:


    Which is basically how you create your site, when you think about it. I’m the, what, third or fourth vote for this and don’t mind recording it into audio if you Don’t like to read. Short stories Don’t take that long to read, but don’t mind accommodating you if that’s what you would like. That’s what it was supposed to be and I get a kick out of seeing that others were looking forward to it too. Let the fingertips hit the keyboards and let the writing begin!

  10. Melissa says:


  11. Erick Navaro says:

    An app design contest would be great

  12. nitin joshi says:

    I think this time we need to do something diffrent.
    let’s create competition of ideas.
    everyone will give his brilliant ideas,and whose idea is best,he is the Winner.

  13. AlaSlipknot says:

    Digital graphics (logo design, photo manipulation, digital painting, etc..)

  14. Sachin Garg says:

    app design with fun

  15. Mark says:

    App design

  16. Fritz says:

    A contest? “Hello, Internet…” How about “Best Video Tutorial on Making Video Tutorials?”

  17. Jerry says:

    Another App design contest

  18. (Heavy Sigh) Still hoping it won’t be app design as I am nowhere near past the novice stage and need a lot more time to develop skills (+ have not been able to come up with an original idea that’s worth a hoot.) Finding the available time to study is like trying to squeeze blood from the proverbial stone (have to turn off the PC, as a matter of fact, and do my physical chores. I also think those with app development experience have far too heavy an advantage over us beginners (which is why I believe they keep voting for it – why “wouldn’t” you vote for the field wherein you have the greatest advantage?) As far as there “not being enough entries,” in a writing contest, I completely disagree. The prize is something we all really want, “anyone” can write if they choose to + there’s no learning curve – just turn on your imagination. The top app boys will come up with entries, if only to win the prize. I think they would enjoy the writing, in spite of whatever issues they have with it. I also think they would surprise themselves at the great ideas they would come up with and just how fun the past time of writing really is. Who knows, maybe there’s a future Mark Twain out there and he doesn’t even know he’s got the skills until he tries. Please consider these points and, regardless, looking forward to hearing about what your decision will be. P.S. regarding your recent loss of that special person, not long ago, you have my condolences. Life just seems to lose a little luster each time we lose one of the people who really brighten our days. Take comfort, though, in knowing you’ll be together with them again when our time in the flesh is over. Life after death is not just some kooky advent of the lonely and desperate. Some say, it’s more real than our lives here. It’s been “proven” over and over, for crying out loud (shut up skeptics, the evidence is everywhere.) Check out ….or is it .com. Well, it’s a great site, though. Take Care, A.H.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you for all the kind words. I greatly appreciate them. I’m heavily leaning towards a writing contest because I already did an app contest. I’d like for it to be really interesting though.

  19. A few other thoughts: If it makes it more interesting for you, you could have a “theme” for the writing contest, like, “What’s The Greatest Challenge You’ve Faced In This Lifetime And How Did You Overcome It?”
    Lastly, if you just hate writing (a depressing thought that anyone would feel that way and miss out on one of Life’s great blessings,) I have one more idea: A layout design contest for the “Dream Playground” for your kids. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?
    Take Care,

  20. Mike says:

    I like the short story idea!

  21. Yusuf says:

    I would suggest an Android app development contest but just to add more thrill and competitiveness the apps should be only made through app inventor 😀 and the criteria should be apps regarding stock/inventory for enterprises. 🙂

  22. Rocco says:

    Since the gap is closing, I like the writing idea, and have since you first mentioned it. The children’s writing is even better, although some people may feel left out, it gets a whole hearted vote from me.

  23. Naresh Guggilla says:

    Android App Design

  24. Tariq says:

    I’d like to see an Artistic challenge, just curious to see what the challenge would be

  25. karim.kassan says:

    Android Game development(unity),plzzz

  26. Bill Petry says:

    This is not for the contest, but I would like to make a request: How about Angularjs tutorials? Most of them I’ve found suck or end abruptly after the easy stuff. Nothing on services, factories, promises that make any sense. You are a great explainer. A GREAT explainer. Your talents are desperately needed.

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