How to Make Android Apps 14

Android Translation App ExampleIn this tutorial I’ll provide you with an Android Translation App example program. I’ll use the translation web service I built in parts 4, 5 and 6 of my web services video tutorial. I’ll also show how to parse JSON data in an Android app.

Everything has been kept as easy to make as possible and all of the code follows the video below with many comments.

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Code From the Video






7 Responses to “How to Make Android Apps 14”

  1. rob says:

    Hi I am getting an error with new SaveTheFeed.execute(); execute is throwing a ‘cannot resolve execute’ error. Any pointers?

  2. Núi says:

    How can i do it with google translate?
    I found the JSON file in there: and replace your example but nothing in the TextView. Please help me.

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