How to Make Android Apps 15

Parse XML Android ExampleIn this video I’ll take the Android Translation app I made in part 14 and now get it to parse XML data. I’m also going to add the ability to provide XML from the web service I made in part 5 of my web services tutorial.

This is an example of the techniques I use to make a professional app. We need to use multiple languages like Java, PHP and MySQL. All of the code in the video follows below. Feel free to do anything with it.

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Code From the Video





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  1. Gokulraj says:

    Hi Derek:

    Iā€™m Gokulraj 32 from India. I am physics graduate and work as a medical transcriptionist.

    I don’t have any CS background and want to move to programming. I have begun teaching myself by reading stuff on the Web here and there.

    Can you help me chart out definite plan for teaching myself. Where to begin, which books to read, etc.

    Your guidance would be of immense help.


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