How to Make Android Apps 16

Android Text to Speech ExampleIn this video I complete the Android Translation app! I provide both an Android Text to Speech Example as well as a Speech to Text example. I also review how to use Spinners.

By the end we will be able to say a phrase, translate it into multiple different languages and then press a button and have those translated phrases speak. All of the code follows the video below.

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Code From the Videos




12 Responses to “How to Make Android Apps 16”

  1. Moj says:

    Hi Derek,
    Great tutorial and nice little app. I watched it but have not built it locally yet.
    I was wondering why you said Android does not support all the languages in the TTS list, and you chose only those 6 in question. Why for example the Chinese was not implemented for this tutorial? Sorry if I’m asking a dumb question.


  2. Moj says:

    I suppose it’s because your web service translator does not extend to these other languages?

  3. Kw says:

    Sir,can image be send to android via json?

  4. Dan Murray says:

    Thank you for all the work you’ve put into the Android Studio tutorials. I am having trouble embedding videos into my app and getting them to play on a device. I have working examples of playing videos from a remote server, but need to include videos in an app. If you can help me get this going, I will save you a warm spot in heaven.

  5. Logan says:

    Could you make a Navigation Drawer tutorial. I’m having trouble taking the info from the selected button and inflating the appropriate fragment.

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