Python Programming

Python ProgrammingI have received a ton of requests to make a Python programming tutorial in which I teach pretty much everything in one video.

I’ll cover modules, comments, print, arithmetic operators, order of operation, lists, tuples, dictionaries, conditional operators, logical operators, if, else, elif, loops, for, while, break, continue, functions, return, readline(), string operators, file i/o, classes, objects and much more.

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8 Responses to “Python Programming”

  1. tee says:

    i love the info. well put. just starting to learn python. again tks alot

  2. Michael says:


    Where is the source code location for these tutorials? I think I saw a link in one of the videos, but now I can’t seem to locate them.



  3. Michael says:


    Nevermind, I eventually found it. I had a bug running video #8, OOP, and found when I clicked “more” on youtube, a note for the source code was listed.



  4. Scott says:

    Jeepers you are awesome. I hope you will make a video on how to manipulate postgreSQL databases with Python. I might use Django when I get some Python learned. I think pg is more intuitive to code, can’t stand to look at mysql commands. I want to make a database driven website, already know html, css, and some postgres and javascript.

  5. Ajay Kumar says:

    Thanks a lot derek.

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