How to Make Android Apps 23

Android Google Map ExampleIn this tutorial we’ll make an Android Google Map example program. Along with that I’ll also show how to create a splash screen and how to sign your APKs so you can distribute your app.

If you combine what I cover here with my Android ActionBar tutorial you’ll be able to add more functionality to your Google Map quite easily. All of the code used can be found after the video below.

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Code from the Videos




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  1. Nir says:

    Hi Derek a huge thank you god bless you . Can you please show us how to use Nearby places Search Requests & Text Search Requests , results on a listview with Name Address Distance from Location and image.pull to refresh (On Item Click will show on map ,On Item long Click 2 option 1.Share intent 2.Add to Favorite) and all this for And all this for phone and tablet as fragments A&B when for tablet fragment A is a
    sided Listvew.

    Hope not asking too much, but I really need your help .

    Thanks a million and continue with the great work you do god bless …

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