Go Programming Tutorial

Go Programming TutorialWelcome to my Go Programming Tutorial. Go provides the best of both worlds by striking a balance between dynamic and statically compiled languages. The code is easy to read. The specification is short, but even so it includes a built in web server!
Go makes setting up an app easy and here I’ll cover the basic syntax of the whole language.

A cheat sheet with all of the code follows the video below.

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Code From the Video

Intro, Data Types & Arithmetic

Const, Strings, Booleans, Printf

Logical Operators, For Loops

If, Else, Else If, Switch

Arrays, Slices


Maps in Maps

Functions, Recursion, Recover, Defer, Panic

Go Pointers


Go Structs & Interfaces

Strings, File I/O, Excepting Input, Casting

Create HTTP Server

Go Routines

Go Channels

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