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PatreonOver the past year I have dedicated myself to dramatically improving the quality of my videos. That lead to my most successful series which was based around teaching whole programming languages in one video tutorial.

After recent changes at YouTube I have decided to try to eliminate all video ads from my videos. You guys told me I should try Patreon and so I have. Here is my Patreon page.

I felt weird about going this route, but I figured if it didn’t take off it wouldn’t be an issue. If it did however I’d be able to make even more videos while also investing in equipment that would allow me to make higher quality videos.

So, I leave it to my audience to see if they are willing to donate a dollar a month that will go towards eliminating ads and improving the quality of my videos. Either way I will continue making as many videos as I can based on the requests I receive.

Please tell me what you think I should do for my Patreon supporters. My videos have always been about the requests I receive from my community and I want that interaction to grow.

One thing that I think I’ve not done on YouTube is to make videos in which I talk like a real person versus some┬ádisembodied voice. My Patreon page will host a bunch of exclusive videos in which I show where I make my videos. I also plan on talking about topics like the weird psychological tricks I use to motivate myself and much more. Patreon is where I’ll let you see the behind the scenes stuff and it is where I’ll have fun just talking to everyone like a real person.

If you’d like to support me on this new journey that is great. If you can’t that is also great because I’m very happy that people find my videos useful and I will continue to make them freely available with the highest level of quality that I can.

Thank you for being so Awesome ­čÖé

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