Electronics Tutorial 2

Electronics Tutorial 2Welcome to my 2nd electronics tutorial. If you missed the 1st video watch it first. This time well learn many of the basics that you’ll need to start making and understanding circuits. I’ll be covering Current Flow, Reading Schematics, Using Multimeters, Voltage Drop, Series Circuits, Parallel Circuits, Using Bread Boards, Switches, Resistors in Series, Resistors in Parallel and more.

Bread board photos are below so it will be easy to make the circuits. I’ve also included a transcript of the video plus more info not covered in the video below.

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Bread Board Diagrams from the Video
Bread Board Diagram 1
Bread Board Diagram 2
Bread Board Diagram 3
Bread  Board Diagram 4
Bread Board Diagram 5
Bread Board Diagram 6
Bread Board Diagram 7

Transcript From the Video

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