Groovy Tutorial

Groovy TutorialI have made learn in one videos for most every language and today based on your requests I will teach Groovy in One Video. We’ll learn how to install on Mac and Windows. Then I’ll cover the Basics, Math, Strings, Output, Input, Lists, Maps, Range, Conditonals, Looping, Methods, Closures, File IO, OOP and a ton of other topics in between. By the end you’ll learn as much as you’d learn in a standard 250 page book on Groovy.

All of the code and a transcript of the video follows the video below. I hope you enjoy it.

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Code & Transcript From the Video







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  1. Gaby Stewart says:

    I saw a few typos in the comments:

    math section “cynamically”-> “dynamically”
    closures section “except” -> “accept”

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