Perl 6 Tutorial

Perl 6 TutorialThis tutorial is a 400 page Perl 6 tutorial condensed down into 1 video. Perl 6 is a get it done fast utility language. I’d say it is the most popular utility language. The newest version ads a ton of tools to the original Perl.

I cover Data Types, Conditionals, Strings, Interpolation, Looping, Arrays, Sequences, Maps, Hashes, Subroutines, Recursion, Exceptions, File IO, Shell, Classes, Inheritance, Roles, Regular Expressions, Grammars and more.

If you find tutorials like this useful, consider turning off Ad Blocking software. I only use one 5 second skippable ad during this entire 1 1/2 hour video. I’d greatly appreciate it if you don’t block it. Thank you 🙂

Cheat Sheet / Transcript

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