How to Never Get Sick

In September of 2017 I decided to change my diet to supercharge my immune system to avoid getting sick. I didn’t think it would work. When winter ended at the end of March I was shocked to find out I had not been sick one day! My wife and children, who were not on my diet, meanwhile had been sick for numerous days over the winter.

I thought wow I should share this, but 1st I needed a way to prove I hadn’t been sick. I decided I would run a minimum of 3 miles every day for a year. I thought I would definitely either get sick, injure myself, or fail. I didn’t and here is The Proof! I ran over 2,000 miles and never had 1 injury! I cover everything I ate in the video below & and recipes follow.

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Blueberry Smoothie (Every Morning)

Perfect Meal (Every Lunch)

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