Seaborn Tutorial 2020

Seaborn TutorialThis video provides complete coverage of Seaborn with many real world examples. Seaborn is a data visualization library built on top of Matplotlib. Seaborn is often used because it makes attractive visualizations and works easily with Pandas and NumPy.

While with Matplotlib you often have to write multiple lines of code to create a plot, Seaborn makes assumptions on what you want which often translates into getting the same plot with 1 line of code. Here is the cheat sheet on GitHub.

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00:00 Intro
00:28 Setup
02:17 Import Data & Datasets
04:22 Distribution Plot
06:53 Joint Plot
08:19 Hexagon Distribution
08:36 KDE Plot
09:06 Pair Plot
12:05 Rug Plot
13:05 Styling
17:42 Bar Plot
19:35 Count Plot
20:41 Box Plot
23:17 Violin Plot
24:42 Strip Plot
26:50 Swarm Plot
28:07 Palettes
32:18 Heatmaps
38:33 Cluster Map
42:11 Pair Grid
46:57 Facet Grid
54:47 Regression Plots

Install for Windows :
Install for MacOS :
Probability in One Video :
Statistics in One Video :
NumPy in One Video :
Pandas in One Video :
Matplotlib in One Video :

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