After Effects 2021 Tutorial 10

After Effects TutorialMy friend who makes over $100,000 using After Effects, helped me make this course. The goal is to teach every skill needed for those that watch this tutorial to get a $70,000 job as an After Effects artist.

Because of the pandemic video artists are in extreme demand! The number of AE artists could triple and still not meet the demand. I hope this series helps those who find themselves currently out of work, or who hope to improve their future.

I cover all of the following in this video : Positioning in 3D Space, Transforming Compositions, Binding Different Media to Solids, Parent / Child, Animating in 3D Space, Rotating Video in 3D Space, Rotating Images in 3D Space, Composition Settings, Using Pre-Comps, How to Avoid Shearing and More!

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