How to Build a Robot for Kids

Makeblock mBotI show how easy and yet educational a robot kit can be for a 7 year old to build. My daughter builds and then programs the Makeblock mBot in this video.

This kit was designed to be easy to build for little hands. The build teaches how to follow directions, assembly of numerous components, wire management, as well as how all the components work. All the tools required for assembly are included.

Then the mBot can be programmed using either blocks or Python on the desktop or through numerous apps available on all mobile devices and tablets. There are numerous tutorials to guide and enchant a young child. She named her mBot Scooter. For any parent looking for a Robot Kit for kids, I can highly recommend this kit!


While Makeblock has sent me kits in the past I purchased this kit with my own money as a reward for my daughter getting good grades.

I make no money if you decide to purchase this kit. I provide only a link so that Makeblock can track if I should be allowed to remain in their Product Tester Club. Here is that link :

If you’d like to apply to be a product tester like me, check out the Makeblock Product Tester Club:



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