Learn Dart in One Video

Dart Tutorial 2021If you want to develop cross platform applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, and the web Flutter is the software development kit for you. Flutter apps are written using Dart and in this one video I’ll cover all of the Dart you are required to know to move on to developing Flutter apps.

I’ll upload Flutter tutorials soon so if you want to be notified click the Bell above. Below are timestamps for the major topics covered in this video. (Many other topics are covered as well)

00:20 Visual Studio Code
02:38 Basics
03:19 Variables / Data Types
06:49 Casting
08:41 Math
13:17 Random Numbers
14:32 Conditionals
20:33 Strings
31:12 String Buffers
34:06 Lists
41:36 Iterables
42:58 Looping
50:30 Maps
55:05 Enums
57:08 Runes
1:00:18 Functions
1:12:08 Typedef
1:15:09 Class / Objects
1:25:00 Inheritance
1:30:00 Interfaces
1:33:38 Exceptions

Install Flutter on macOS : https://youtu.be/fzAg7lOWqVE
Install Flutter on Windows : https://youtu.be/bG4fWfJRiY0

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