Best Coding Toy for Kids

Best Coding Toy for KidsAt a time in which children must receive additional education the new makeblock mBot Neo is a playground for the mind! As my daughters and I worked through the projects we were constantly surprised by everything that it could do.

It makes Machine Learning instantly accessible! It has numerous sensors for creating an autonomous robot. It does text to speech, speech to text and translation. It comes with encoder motors that can accurately move to the centimeter. Everything is wireless and it comes with multiple free mobile apps which contain prebuilt apps as well as providing the ability to program it on the phone.

I could talk forever about all the sensors it contains, but trust that most anything you want is here if you want additional robotic arms, or numerous other sensors you can get them with inexpensive add on packs. It also connects to the internet which provides for IOT projects.


I was given this kit for free for review. I was however not paid money for this review. If you are to buy this product using links in this description, I will not receive any money. I give up receiving money of any kind so that you know that this is my honest opinion.

Use this link with the code DEREK10 to get $10 off your purchase

If you’d like to apply to be a product tester like me, check out the Makeblock Product Tester Club:




0:00 Intro
0:00 Unboxing
2:24 Mobile App
3:05 Install Windows
4:23 Install MacOS
5:29 Update Firmware
7:00 Everything mBot Can Do
13:53 Maze Tranversal Code
19:19 Maze Demo
19:37 Capabilities Code
35:26 Capabilities Demo
36:20 Obstacle Detection
41:49 Obstacle Detection Demo
42:03 Line Following Code
52:29 Line Following Demo
52:49 Orientation Code
55:45 Orientation Demo
55:53 Commands / Translation Code
1:05:47 Demo
1:06:13 Machine Learning

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