Predict Stock Prices : Python for Finance 5

Python for FinanceIn this video I’ll show you how to Predict Stock Prices using Regression Analysis. Regression Analysis can be used to guide you towards stocks that are expected to provide, or not provide a high ROI based off of past performance. Additional analysis can then be done to make investment decisions.

I will be using Python and Multiple Data Science libraries in this tutorial. We will be covering the following :

✳️ What is Regression Analysis
✳️ What is a Regression
✳️ Regression Lines
✳️ Training Models
✳️ Forecasting
✳️ Auto Regressions
✳️ StatsModels
✳️ So much more

Files Are Here :
Stock Data is Here :!AjbW63mlCQM75ljTNHq_LsD1fpkY?e=flBn5u

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