xTool D1 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

xTool D13 days ago, I didn’t know anything about Laser Cutting and Engraving. Now I feel like I can make anything! In this video, I will review the Makeblock xTool D1 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine!

The Makeblock xTool D1 Cutting and Engraving Machine is an industrial machine downsized for designers and hobbyists. All of the internal moving components are industrialized steel, but it is light enough to easy carry. The laser is accurate to .08 mm and moves with a precision of .01 mm. It has height adjustment, engraves and cuts numerous materials and is easy to adjust.

The xTool D1 is on Sale until Nov 1st Here!


I was given this kit for free for review. I was however not paid money for this review. If you are to buy this product I will not receive any money. I give up receiving money of any kind so that you know that this is my honest opinion.

If you click any links I get paid nothing. The company just uses it as part of the Makeblock Product Tester Club to which I belong. You can sign up for it down below if you want the chance to test products like me.


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