Subliminal Marketing

It was just a day like any other. I was sitting down to lunch with just another random co-worker, when he sprang this phrase on me, “No really, subliminal marketing is real.” I normally would think someone that said this was a quack, but I knew this guy got paid a lot of money for his ideas so I listened to him.

What can NLP do?

He went on to explain a branch of psychology that I have explored for the past ten years. It is called Neuro-linguistic programming. I am going to teach you over a series of articles, everything I have learned about NLP for free. Let me give you a short list of what NLP, when applied correctly, can do:

• NLP is used to cure people of post-traumatic stress disorder, through a technique known as EMDR

• NLP has been used to create the most powerful sales techniques

  • Rapport building
  • The Yes-set
  • Question based selling
  • Double Binds “Would you prefer to meet on Tuesday or Thursday?”
  • Selling to different personalities (Applied Myers-Briggs, DISC, etc.)
  • Extremely advanced negotiation and influence techniques
  • And many, many more…

• NLP is used to cure people of phobia’s, addictions, and numerous mental and physical disorders

• NLP is used in subliminal marketing, which is used on you everyday, especially if you use social networking websites

• NLP can convince the most stubborn people of almost anything. Politicians use NLP, in most every speech.

• NLP is used in nonverbal and verbal analysis. My article on Detecting a Liar, contains many NLP based techniques

• And in an infinite variety of other extremely powerful skills and techniques, including bargaining for advantage

Where did NLP come from?

So, where did NLP come from? Two men specifically, named Richard Bandler and John Grinder, discovered NLP through their research during the 1960’s through today. These two gentlemen had been studying the therapy sessions of three of the greatest psychologists of their time: Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson and what they discovered was amazing.

They found particular words and sentence structures which facilitated the acceptance of therapeutic suggestions. They later discovered that everyone follows a map when making decisions in life. If you combine these two techniques, you discover how to communicate with yourself and others on a whole other level.

How do Our Brains Work (A brief example)

So that you understand what I mean by people having maps, I’ll give a brief example. Decision maps, are created in our mind so that we can quickly make complicated decisions without thinking. Every decision you ever make in life is based off of a very limited number of things:

Bandwagoning: Everybody else is doing it, so it must be the right thing to do

Returning a Favor: They did a favor for me, so I should return the favor

It’s who I am (Habits): I made this decision in the past, so I’ll make the same decision now

I like that person: I like that person, so I’ll do what they tell me

Scarcity: That is scarce, so I better get it now.

Follow the leader: That person is an expert, so I’ll do what they tell me.

We can use this information to create an instant map on how to do most anything. This map also completely shapes how we see the world around us. An artist, lumberjack, veterinarian and a botanist walking through the woods will have very different experiences and notice very different things. If you needed to get driving directions, who would you prefer to get them from, a local delivery person or a person that just moved into town?

So, we all follow maps based off of past decisions. What does that mean for you? What if you could change a person’s personal map? You can and there are numerous techniques for doing just that. First, I have to explain a little bit more.

More on How the Brain Works (Representational Systems)

Do you ever find that some people are easier to understand than others? It is easy for us to do one complicated act, but difficult to do others based on our chosen representational system. Each one of use has a preferred way of taking in information. Each of us prefers to learn in one of the following ways:

Visually: Someone shows you how to do it

External Auditory Explanation: Someone tells you how to do it

Internal Auditory Explanation: You talk yourself through how to do it

Kinesthetic: You learn by physically doing something

Those maps in your head are accessed easiest by your chosen representational system. I’ll provide you with a test in the future that you can use to find your chosen representational system, among other things.

How can you Discover a Person’s Chosen Representational System?

When we access our maps, we give a clue to how the maps are stored. That clue can be discovered by studying eye movements. When people are searching for answers in their head, their eyes move in the same way. If they are remembering something:

• Visually that happened, they will look up and to your right

• Auditory that happened, they will look sideways and to your right

• That physically happened, they will look down and to your left

• By talking to themselves, they will look down and to your right

When you are easily accomplishing a task, chances are you were taught that skill through your chosen system. When you struggle accomplishing a task, chances are that you were taught that skill using a system that you are uncomfortable with.

This is the tip of the iceberg, but a very important thing to remember. If you want to get someone to understand, believe, or agree with you, you must discover and then communicate to them using their preferred representational system. More info can be found on this subject in my How to Detect a Liar video and article.

What Were you Saying About Subliminal Marketing?

Remember, NLP is very complicated and I explained just a fraction of it in this article. I will explain everything else that I’ve learned in a series of short articles over the coming months.

Subliminal marketing is marketing that influences a person consciously as well as unconsciously. Basically, there are approximately 40 ways we prefer to use our mental maps to make decisions and process information. If you know how a person’s brain works by analyzing those 40 such techniques, you know how to slip in messages to the subconscious. It’s easier than you would think.

Remember I mentioned that you are being subjected to subliminal marketing on social networking websites? If you have ever taken a quiz on a social networking site, you have been subjected to information gathering techniques.

To scare you just a bit, know that if someone figures out the 40 such techniques you use to make decisions, they will be able to create personalized marketing that you will find irresistible. Why? Because we make decisions based off of whether something feels, looks, or sounds like the truth. If they properly message every decision tool in your head, almost anything will sound true!

In Conclusion…

I hope you enjoyed this article. I’m jumping out of my skin to inform everyone on the amazing solutions that can be found with NLP. If you have any questions, send them along. I will do my best to make every article in this series understandable.