Get a Reason for People to Meet you

If you want to dramatically increase your ability on the phone, figure out an iron clad reason why some one would want to talk to you. I discovered that senior’s in my part of the country qualified for state programs, that would save them thousands of dollars, if they just filled out the paperwork properly. So I learned everything I could about those programs. It took me about a day! Do you think I was now comfortable assuming people would want to talk to me? Your right!

I’m Assuming the Sale, Because I have Great Skills Now What?

  • You need tons of practice ( Talk to 50 people per day )
  • Have answers to every objection on a script
  • Tape yourself ( Are you assuming the sale? )
  • Selling on the phone requires more aggression than in person selling!
  • If you get 3 definite NO’s, you should move on, most of the time (Don’t Annoy People)

Why Do People Hate Me?

At some point you will ask yourself this question, if you sell on the phone. You have to understand that 27% of people hang up on everyone. Even Publisher’s Clearinghouse, when they call to tell people they just won a million dollars. The reason why is that as children we were taught to respond with a NO, when we are caught off guard. Think how often have you said NO vs. YES to a child?

The 3 Principles of The Phone

YouTube Preview ImageOk, you know you have to assume the sale and you have the best product or service, so why would that be hard? Now what? You have only three new skills to develop.

  • Attitude
  • Acknowledge & Move On
  • Never ask for Their Permission ( Assume the Sale )


The best sales people are constantly in control of their attitude. They are never to high or to low and they do their best to see the best in any situation, in others and themselves. If you ever feel a bad attitude coming on, you can use a psychology trick called “Changing your State.” This simply means that by changing your body position you can change your mind state. So, if you are sitting at a desk, instead jump up and do some jumping jacks. Do whatever you have to, to keep yourself in a good attitude. Never stay around people with bad attitudes. And if you are an employer fire or just never hire anyone with a bad attitude, in your place of work. They are plagues upon your entire organization. In an upcoming article, I’ll give you a quiz that will help you avoid bad employees.

Why am I dwelling on this whole attitude thing? The reason why, is that clients can sense your attitude on the phone. That is where the concept of smile and dial came from. People like to talk with happy and excited people. If you are not happy and excited to inform clients about your products and services, why would they ever buy them?

Acknowledge & Move On

Phone Script for a Person that Returned a Request for Information

The following is a script I used with great success. I posted advertising in local papers and waited for people to return the mailers for additional information. This was the way I was able to get new people on the phone, even after the Do Not Call law was passed.

Me: “Hello, Paul?”

Customer: “Yes”

Me: “This is Derek Banas with ABC Insurance, How are you today, Pretty Good?”

Customer: “Yes”

Me: “Paul, I called because I received a request for information from you on ____, I put a packet together, and I’ll be providing it on Tuesday at 1 or 6:30, which works better for you?”

What did I do here? First, I established what they call The Yes-Set. If you get someone to repeat the words yes, for little things, the chances that they will say yes for the big thing dramatically increases.

Why did I say, “How are you today, Pretty Good?” Because I want to stay in control of the call and keep the answers the word Yes, if at all possible. Does this work? Yes, 70 to 80% of the time, if you assume they will say yes.

Handling Objections from the Person that Requested Info

Customer: “Not Interested”, They are Confused, because you caught them off guard. Just Acknowledge whatever they say and move on with the call.
Me: “I understand that, but the reason that I called…”

Don’t justify yourself by saying:

  • “Wait, wait”
  • “Well let me tell you…”
  • “Don’t hangup…”

Don’t start asking them questions:

  • “Who do you buy from…”
  • “Why do you buy from…”
  • “How much do they cost…”
  • “Are they nice…”

Just acknowledge their objection, and then move on to the appointment or the sale.

Another Objection from The Mailer

Customer: I have all the ____ I need!”

Me: “I’m glad to hear that, but the reason why I called…”

Remember your calling because they requested information! At some point they decided they wanted to buy from you, so why not assume they want to buy today?

And Another Objection…

Customer: “I didn’t mail anything to you!”

Me: “We’ll let me check my information to make sure I’m talking to the right person” “Yes, this is Mr. Paul Jones?”
Customer: “Yes”

Me: “And you live at 123 Main St?”
Customer: “Yes”

Me: “Yes, and that is in Pittsburgh, PA?”
Customer: “Yes”

Me: “Yes, Paul I have the information you requested and I’ll be …”

There are So Many Objections

Actually, there really aren’t all that many. Here is a list of all the objections you will hear:

  • I’m not Interested
  • I have all the ___ I need
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t have any money
  • Expletive
  • Hangup

That is everything you need to be prepared for. If you assume and control the conversation, you will never get any other objection. However, if you let the call turn into a Q & A session, you know you went wrong and now the customer is in charge.

Everyone Just Hangs Up, What Do I Do

Call them back. I know that sounds terrible and rude, but when I called I followed this script:

Me: “Hello, Paul were we disconnected or did you hang up?” ( 80% will say you were disconnected )

Me: “Great, the reason for my call…”

Wow, you must of got an ear full after you pulled that, I bet your thinking. Actually never. Normally people would compliment me on my sales skills. Also, because they hung up on me, most people will feel bad and hear me out. Just remember be persistent, but polite!

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