Does This Script Really Work?

Here are the results I got after teaching new trainees this script:

  • The average person that followed my scripts, made 1 appointment for every 10 conversations, during their first week!
  • The average person that followed my scripts, made 1 appointment for every 6 conversations, after 2 weeks experience!
  • In comparison, the average agent company wide made 1 appointment for every 20 conversations. That is including agents with 10 + years of experience.

What did the new trainees struggle with the most?

  • They had a problem making their first 5 to 10 calls.
  • They had a problem with waiting for customers answers. They would ask, “which works best 1 or 2:30” and then interrupt the customer before they answered. When you ask the customer a questions wait for the answer. Never say, “Are you there?”
  • They had a problem with asking for permission. They fell into a habit of saying, “is it ok, if we meet at 1 or 2:30?”

Your Phone Introduction

  • Must state name and company by law
  • It also is polite to state your name and company
  • Get excited and smile (Smile & Dial)
  • Some times it makes sense to sound like you don’t care if you sell. (The customer may assume it really is a curticy call.)
  • Pace their voice patterns, but don’t make it obvious. (Talk at the pace of the customer, while using their slang.)

Don’t Ask for Permission

YouTube Preview ImageIf your acting in their best interest, why ask if you can help? The number one problem, our new trainees had, was asking for permission. If you saw someone stuck on a train track, would you take the time to ask if they needed your help?

Don’t ask “Would it be OK if we meet on Tuesday or Thursday…” If you ask for permission 98% will say NO!!! You must assume you will provide a better product or service than a competitor. If you don’t believe your product is the best, your client will relize that as well. You must believe in yourself and your product or you will never meet your potential in sales.

If you find yourself in a Q & A session, you know you probably lost the sale or appointment. Avoid questions that don’t have a YES or NO answer.

If your not sure you can help, why are you calling? Again if your company isn’t the best, quit and go work for the best. Successful sales people don’t ask for permission. From what I’ve seen, the difference between the best sales people I have worked with is that the best assume the client wants to buy or meet with them. It really is that simple!

Tips for Employers

  • All employees must have a phone on ear at a specific time. (If the calling session starts at 9am, everyone must be on the phone at 9am. No exceptions!)
  • On Desk: Script, Leads, Pen, Drink, and Phone ( That’s it )
  • The phone should never leave the ear. You don’t need to put the phone down, to hangup. ( Headsets are worth it! )
  • An auto-dialer and tracking system is worth it (Forces employees to remain on the phone and allows you to track what they are doing on the phone)
  • Keep a Scoreboard (It is the employers job to help the employee have fun!)
  • Never leave the desk before you get 1 appointment or sale! (Having to go to the bathroom is a very motivational tool!)
  • Don’t book an appointment more than 3 days in advance

The Cold Call Script

Me: “The reason for my call, is recently we mailed you some information regarding ___, you may have seen that right?”

Client: “No” (Don’t worry about this No)

Me: “I understand, well let me check my information to make sure I’m talking to the right person.” “Is this Mr. Paul Jones?…” (Continue as before, to get the 3 yes’s)

Me: “Paul, I have that information for you, and I will be providing it on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, which works better for you?”

Client: “Why don’t you just mail it?” ( Gotcha )

Me: “Well, Paul I tried that once before, you didn’t get it and I wouldn’t want that to happen again.” Either or Close ( Double Bind )

My Debt Consolidation Script

Me: “Hello Bob?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “Hi, This is Derek Banas from ABC Bank, How are you doing today, pretty good?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “We have set up for you to be receiving our new 0% APR, No Fee, VISA Credit Card and I just need to verify your name is Paul Jones, Right?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “And you live at 123 Main St. Right?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “And that’s in Pittsburgh, PA Right?”

Client: “Yes”

Debt Consolidation : “I’m Not Interested”

Me: “Well, I apologize if I was going to fast. Everyone I talk with wants to not pay interest on their credit cards Right?” (Assume they aren’t interested because you were moving to fast, not because they don’t want this great opportunity.)

Client: “Yes”

Me: “I forgot to tell you we will allow you to do exactly what you want!” (Consistency Principle) “We’ll allow you to transfer all of your balances and not pay interest on those either. That would make you happy Right?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “Yes, I just need to verify…” (Assume the sale)

Selling Small Products Script

Me: “Hello Paul?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “Hi this is Derek Banas from Sports Magazine, How are you doing today, Pretty Good?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “Yes, We called to verify some info to make sure we get your magazine to your house.” (Consistency Principle)

Me: “Your name is Paul Jones Right?”

Client: “Yes”

Not Interested in Small Product

Me: “Oh, we understand you are looking to save some money Right?” (Make this sound like your giving up a bit)

Client: “Yes”

Me: “All our customers are like you. (Bandwagoning Principle) That’s why we now are going to give you SM for 75 cents, instead of $1.15 an issue that you pay now! (Consistency Principle) I just need to verify…” (Assume the Sale)

Current Customer Sales Call

Me: “Hi Mary Ann?

Client: “Yes”

Me: This is Derek Banas from ABC Insurance, How are you doing today Pretty Good?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “Yes, Our customers like you have been saving a lot of money with us. Mary Ann, We want to apologize for not getting to you sooner (Sounds Like a curticy call), but we found a program that will save you money and next week I’ll be meeting with your neighbors!” (Bandwagoning Principle)

Me: “Are you a morning or afternoon person?”

Client: “Afternoon”

Me: “Yes, We’ll meet at 2pm on Tuesday or 5pm on Thursday, which works best for you?”

Getting Through the Gatekeeper

I hear this question more than any other. What you have to understand is that the secretaries job is to make sure their boss is made aware of good info while not wasting their time with bad info. If you leave a message, just give your name, number and then ask… “Hey, Ms. Secretary, everybody could use a smile. Could you draw a little smiley face on that note for Ms. Boss?”

The secretary will normally laugh and follow through by drawing the smiley face. Guess how many notes the boss gets with a smiley face on it? Why would the secretary draw a smiley face? Maybe because the boss should call this nice person? All I know is that we got a 38% increase in returned calls!

Three More Scripts that Got us Good Results with the Gatekeeper

  • “Mr. Secretary, I’ve been desperately trying to get in touch with Mr. Boss, for weeks. I could really use your help. What would you suggest I do to get a few minutes of his time?”
  • Who is calling? “I’m a salesperson, with xyz and I promise I’ll just hound you until I can speak with Mr. Boss. Could you help me with that?”
  • What is this in reference to? “Well we are putting a personalized brochure for you and we were wondering what problems you would like to eliminate in your office? Except for sales people like me!”

A Few Tips that Will Get you on the Phone with a Decision Maker

  • If you sent Mrs. Boss a direct mail or letter, you have the right to say “They are expecting my call”
  • Call between 7am to 8am or 5:15pm to 7pm
  • Try calling a sub-supervisor, purchaser, or anyone with any decision making power under Mr. Boss

Voice Mail Messages to Use After Talking with a Sub-Supervisor

  • “Hi Mr. Boss, this is Derek Banas. I was talking to sub-supervisor, and I owe you this much. When you call me I’ll fill you in.”
  • “Hi Mr. Boss, this is Derek Banas. I was talking to sub-supervisor, and you were right. When you call me, we’ll go over it.”
  • “Hi Mr. Boss, this is Derek Banas. I appreciate what you have done. Please give me a call. I’d like to talk with you personally.” ( Use after the boss wins an award or is recognized in anyway!)

I hope this article has helped you. These tips have made a lot of people tons of money and I wish the same for you. If you have any questions ask them in the comment form below.

Til next time…

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