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In the next set of tutorials, I’ll completely cover XML and all of it’s capabilities. If you just want to watch a video tutorial on XML I have listed it first, followed by all the article’s I’ve written on XML.

If you have any question’s or requests, leave them in the comment area below.

Free XML Video Tutorial Series

I present a video version of my XML Tutorial. I went out of my way to cover nearly all XML Features, XML DTD, XML Schema and writing Valid XML.

Learn XML eXtensible Markup Language

Here I go over the following topic’s:

  • Introduction to XML
  • What do you do with HTML?
  • How are HTML & XML Similar and Different?
  • Why Do People Use XML?
  • What Does XML Look Like?
  • Breaking Down your Content

Learn XML eXtensible Markup Language Pt 2

Here I go over the following topic’s:

  • Why Do we Need XHTML?
  • How to Turn HTML into XHTML
  • More on the DOCTYPE
  • Well-Formedness, Yes it’s a Word
  • What Rules Must your XML Follow to Be Well-formed?
  • Document Type Definition’s (DTD)
  • DTD Jargon

Learn XML Document Type Definition’s

Here the following topic’s are covered:

  • Introduction to DTD’s
  • DTD Prolog
  • Elements
  • Attributes
  • Attribute Data Types
  • Entities
  • Notation

Learn XML Schema

I completely cover XML Schema’s in this article. Specifically I cover:

  • How Schema’s Differ from DTD’s
  • The 47 Schema Data Types
  • Most Commonly used Data Types
  • The Parts of a Schema
  • The XML Declaration
  • The Rest of the Schema
  • Elements
  • Four Content Models
  • Attributes
  • Define your own Data Types
  • Annotations

That’s All Folk’s

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If there is anything you would like covered indepth, leave a comment below.

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