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Indirect Hypnosis Mind GameBrittany34 sent me an email requesting that I teach her how to hypnotize people. I’m supposing she want’s to know how to perform a hypnosis instant induction. This is when you walk up to someone and almost instantly hypnotize them.

While you will have to practice these technique’s, they are the same technique’s used by Milton Erickson. Hypnosis like anything else worth learning will take you a bit of time, but if you:

  • Believe that the technique will work
  • Get the subject to follow a few simple command’s first
  • Act with authority, when you issue the command’s
  • Continue telling the person that they are indeed being hypnotized

These technique’s should hypnotize anyone. Here is a video if you prefer that.

One way you can help increase your odds is to put them first through some suggestibility test’s. See my Indirect Hypnosis Suggestibility article here. These test’s will slowly build up your strength to overwhelm anyone.

The Basic’s Behind Inducing a Trance State

Here are the basic step’s you must follow to quickly hypnotize, or how to perform an instant hypnosis induction.

  • Build Rapport: This is the process of getting the other person to feel comfortable around you. If you are practicing a quick trance induction on a friend this should not be an issue. You can read more on rapport building in my Indirect Hypnosis : Intro to NLP article.
  • Gain Their Attention: Get them to completely focus on all level’s on one thing. I demonstrate how to do this in the direction’s below.
  • Lead Them into Trance: When you notice their eye’s are focused completely on what you have directed them toward’s, lead them deeper into trance. I demonstrate how to do this in the exercise’s.

For more information, see my article on how a master hypnotist shut down peoples mind’s. Indirect Hypnosis Shut off the Mind with Ease

Now on to the hypnosis induction’s.

Erickson Handshake Hypnosis Induction

All you need to do is follow the script.

  • You can either take a subject through some suggestibility test’s first or just start firing off command’s. It’s best to do this with the client sitting down, for safety reasons.
  • “Please sit down, and place both feet on the ground like this.” (Demonstrate how to sit.)
  • “And sit with your hands just like this.” (Demonstrate how to place hands)
  • “You can relax. You don’t need to feel uncomfortable” (Reach out to shake their hand)
    Think in your mind that you are simply shaking their hand.
  • Stop just before your hand’s touch and gently grasp their wrist, with your left hand.
  • Point into their palm with your right finger and say, “And look at any one spot right there?” (Say this with surprise, as if it was a question)
  • “And yes, just keep looking at that, as your mind relaxes now closing your eye’s.”
  • “There is no reason to talk.”
  • “You really don’t have to pay attention to me because, you can continue to let that comfort spread.”
  • “You can relax further, really don’t even need to pay attention to me.”
  • “Your heart beat has changed.”
  • “Your breathing has changed.”
  • “And, you have a mental image of your hand and now you can close your eye’s nowww.”

That should do it. If it didn’t quite work the first time, you will get better through practice.

Other Hand Distraction’s

Here are some other way’s you can focus the subject’s attention. Instead of grabbing their wrist and pointing at their palm try these technique’s instead.

The Jerk Handshake

If you have any doubt that you can support your subject’s weight, do this in a seated position. Sit next to the subject and turn toward them, and have them do the same.

  • Establish positive rapport, by getting the subject to agree with you.
  • Reach out to shake the subject’s hand.
  • Shake normally and then jerk their hand down and to your right side. (Don’t injure them. A slight tug will do, because they won’t be expecting it.)
  • As you pull them toward you, place your left hand on their neck and pull them toward you in the same motion. Do this as if you were giving them a hug.
  • Again, as you perform step’s 3 and 4, command them to “Sleep Nowww.”
  • Speak the same suggestion’s of relaxation that I used above.

Finger Play

  • Reach out and shake their hand naturally.
  • Stare into your subjects eye’s and let the handshake naturally come to a stop, but hold their hand loosely.
  • Slowly release their hand as you randomly touch different part’s of their hand.
  • Look through the subject or between their eye’s.
  • Begin deepening their thought’s with command’s to relax, like were used in the previous demonstration.
  • Continue to touch their hand lightly, while continuing the command’s.

The Master Trance Induction Guaranteed to Work

I have seen this work on the most stubborn of people. It work’s because you are assaulting all of the subject’s sense’s at one time. Even better yet, you will know when they are deep in trance, because they will stop counting. Just do the following:

  • Stand behind the subject.
  • Tell them to, “Stand up straight with your feet shoulder length apart, great”
  • “Now, in a moment I’m going to ask you to start counting backward’s, three number’s at a time.”
  • “Count backward’s in three’s starting at three hundred out load, so I can hear you.”
  • “As you count, I will place my hand’s on your shoulder’s nowww.”
  • Place hands lightly on the shoulder’s
  • “Now I’ll begin to turn you in circle’s, if you find it easier to fall into a comfortable deep trance, go ahead.”
  • “Be comfortable in knowing you are in good hand’s.”
  • “You can begin counting now.”
  • As they begin counting, turn them very slowly around. (Don’t jerk them)
  • As they turn and count give them suggestion’s that will relax them.
  • “As you count it is so difficult to keep your attention.”
  • “You are spinning. Your mind spinning. Where did those number’s go?”
  • “You will soon let go into trance. So comforting. No need to think of number’s anymore.”
  • “As your eye’s feel heavy, heavier now, let them close.”
  • “No need to count, but relax.”

Once they stop counting, they will be deep in trance and ready for suggestion’s. Work’s every time.

That’s All Folk’s

Well Brittany34, I hope I gave you the information that you want. Ever since I started requesting my reader’s tell me what to research I’ve been surprised. I wasn’t so surprised by this question, but the next two:

  • How do I stop thinking about people who are mean to me?
  • How do I win an argument?
  • What is the Tea Party?

These caught me off guard a bit. Keep the question’s coming and if I can find the answer’s I’ll surely provide them. Look forward to these answers very soon.

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9 Responses to “Hypnosis Instant Induction”

  1. DR. SAM says:


    • admin says:

      Thank you 🙂 It just takes a lot of practice to get good at hypnosis. Get some friends and family together and start practicing. As you get good with people you know it will become second nature to use these techniques all of the time. Thank you for stopping by my site

  2. Mr.x says:

    Hypnosis is originated in ancient India in samveda as sammohan shastra.Indian classical music is also based on hypnosis i.e. bringing person in trance like condition through sound frequency and teaching them good things.For this you may listen ABHANGAAS by pandit bhimsen joshi you may find yourself out of world!

    • Derek Banas says:

      I’ll check it out. Thank you for the information

    • here to suggest says:

      how do you know that it hasn’t originated before that, but got lost. We only know what the history roughly is for the last 6,000 years or so when the Sumerian civilization popped up.
      There could have been civilizations before that. One example is the pyramids in Egypt, where all modern engineers agree that could not be built for 20 years with the tools we have today. According to the official statement, that pyramids where built in the span of 20 years each.

      It is too much that has not surfaced yet to make any conclusions on past events.

  3. louis says:

    i’ve always wanted to learn hypnosis and recently i have but when ever i try it it doesnt work and i follow it to the letter what do you suggest?

    • Derek Banas says:

      A ton of practice. The skill you have to develop is counter intuitive. You must grow confident that your technique will work before it actually has. You must be completely confident. After you do it the first time it will be easy after that most of the time.

  4. Ron Erwine says:

    Being a newbie at hypnosis, how would be the best way to start.

    with dvd or looking into a local hypnosis classes. Your input Would be helpful. Thank-you Ron

    • Derek Banas says:

      Local hypnosis class definitely. Just make sure you check the person out first. Ask to have 3 names of previous students. If they say no then ask for a money back guarantee.


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