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Gestures and Body Language LegsIn the sales world it is extremely important to start building rapport. I wrote a whole article on rapport building called Get People to Like You. I also covered body language analysis in Gestures and Body Language: Eyes, Arms & Hands, Mouth & Legs, and How to Detect a Liar.

In this article, I cover some specific tips you can use to dramatically improve sales calls and job interview’s.

Show Agreement During a Conversation

To tell someone that you agree, nod your head slowly, approximately 3 times after they make each point. As well add verbal affirmations after they make a point. As they are talking lightly rest your chin in hand and occasionally give it light strokes.

Women – be careful! Women normally nod to show they are listening, we do not necessarily agree with what is being said. Men can get the wrong impression with our acknowledging nods.

An occasional head tilt also displays vulnerability and submissiveness, but also that the person is getting their point across.

Women – be careful! If a woman tilt’s her head to often it may make them look comical.

Where to Sit During a Meeting

Stand or sit at a 45 degree angle, to the client while you are speaking, and have your feet turned toward them. Also position yourself to their right, displaying the left side of your face. This will activate the left hemisphere of their brain which is the emotional side of the brain.

Limit Hand Gestures

Mirror them but limit hand gestures, because high-level people choose to express themselves through their large vocabulary and can see the wild hand gestures as a sign that you can’t express yourself and that you are beneath them.

Use the Person’s Name

Use a person’s name twice within the first 15 seconds of meeting with them and repeat their name often throughout your conversation.

Look Organized

Never carry a large bag or briefcase. Just bring the bare minimum or you will come across as unorganized and a time waster.

The Best First Meeting

By pairing yourself with pleasurable stimuli another person will begin to associate that feeling with you. If you perceive that a person is having a bad day, change your first meeting to another day.

The best experiences you can share with a person include excitement, fear, exercise, and anything else in which adrenaline is pumping.

Wait for them to experience or help them experience these feelings and you will both hit it off.

Tom Cruise often takes interviewer’s on an exciting excursion when he first meets them like: Motorcycling or Sky Diving. After experiencing such an exciting time with someone, how could you possibly dislike them?

Increase Interaction

The more you interact with a person the more they will like you, as long as the first impression was not bad. However, a gradual liking is a great deal more effective.

Get Them Asking Question’s

Conversations that are set up so that the other person can answer a lot of questions, so that they feel understood, breeds friendliness. The more that you are able to share life changing situations together, will strengthen that bond further.

The Power of Self Deprecating Humor

Never talk about how great you are. Give other people the credit for your ideas. Even go so far as to make mistakes and acknowledge them. Self deprecating humor is one of the easiest ways to get someone to like you.

People that are confident and worth getting to know don’t have a need to tell you how great they are. They already know. Confident people are optimistic and almost always positive.

Pre-appointment Letters

Any writing that you send someone pre-appointment, should be peppered with positive adjectives and an uplifting message.

Limit Availability to Increase Worth

While you want to be available to people at the beginning of a relationship, as soon as you have established that they like you, limit your availability.

In doing so you will move toward the creation of a gratitude based relationship in which the other person will not take you for granted. People want what they can’t have and want more of that we have to work for.

Two Last Tip’s

Don’t hold your head up high with your chin forward unless you want to be seen as superior. Nor should you hold your head down with your chin in chest unless you want to show disapproval or aggression.

Don’t touch their belongings in any way without permission.

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  1. moses says:

    I just stumbled upon your website. I recently (around july) started working in sales.. I picked it up quick and wanted to learn a bit more about body language, and figuring out how to read what kind of people certain customers are so as to adjust my selling style to their particular type. I find tye psychology involved in this profession quite intriguing and this site is pretty damn insightful.

    • admin says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚ Most of what is on my site comes from a research study I participated in 6 years ago. I was very effective at writing scripts based on the persuasion techniques I describe. After a while a bunch of financial institutions started testing NLP techniques in the field. I’m basically just writing about what we found to be true during that research. I have no doubt that if you are able to incorporate this stuff into your sales presentations that you will be more effective. I wish you the best

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi there, I have been in the sales game for 22 years and a sales trainer for 5 years, after looking through your site you should be congratulated for helping out so many people out there. Unlike Zig & Tom who are making big $$ the work you are doing to help experienced and the inexperienced is great..Keep up the good work..

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you very much πŸ™‚ I’m very happy to hear that an experienced salesman has found my videos to be valuable. I was also involved in sales and still am. I just wanted to help new people if I could.

  3. Breanna says:

    My name is Breanna, I am a student pursuing a degree in Health studies so that I can advance to medical school to become a psychiatrist. I’m like you in the sense that I like to sit back, and watch the world get smarter. I want to use your methods while counseling patients to help them fight whatever demons they have, as well as in my personal life. I actually used your “Theory Negotiation” articles to coach my friend how to break up with a manipulative, potentially-abusive boyfriend. Since then she has been more confident, clear headed, and assertive. I tell people about you whenever the opportunity arises. If you were to start an organization meant to educate the public then I’m in! πŸ™‚ (Seriously, please consider it?)

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