Flash Tutorial Part 1

Flash TutorialIn this video tutorial I will show you the basics you need, to understand how to use Flash. I specifically am using Flash CS5, but everything described can be used in any version of Flash.

The ultimate goal of this tutorial is to explain how to create complicated cartoon animations in Flash. Because this tutorial has been asked for many times, I will go into great depth and will explain all that I know about drawing as well. This will be a long journey, but in the end I think you’ll have many skills that you previously had not.

If you have any specific questions, or areas that you want me to cover, your comments are definitely welcome 🙂

Note: Click the HD and Full Screen Buttons for the best view!


4 Responses to “Flash Tutorial Part 1”

  1. algrain says:

    Thank you for your site. I continue to learn something new every day.
    Can you show us how you make your videos? How do you make them longer than 10mins on Youtube?

    Thank you

  2. title=”Hello and thankyou”

    Thank you for your tutorials. Could you please do a tutorialon how to make a chat application in Java please.

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