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Brain IdeasHere I finish going over how people go through the process of Decision Making. If you haven’t, watch the first Decision Making videos here. Each person makes each decision in very specific ways. If you understand how they make decisions you will find it very easy to negotiate and persuade them into believing what ever you would like.

To find out how they make decisions, you just need to ask them one question. If you then structure your negotiation in a way that is compatible with their way of making decisions you dramatically increase your persuasiveness.

In the videos here and in the previous article, I teach you the questions to ask and all of the many ways people make decisions. These are high level negotiation techniques and if you want to see them put into use in a more understandable way, check out my sales technique videos. (They are free also)

Here is the original article if you prefer to read about NLP Meta-Programs.

If you have any questions or would like me to do a tutorial on a specific topic leave a comment below.

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  1. Random Salesman says:

    How am I supposed to use the knowledge of one’s brain’s procesing modes in order to increase my sales?

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