UML 2.0 Communication Diagrams

UML 2.0 Communication DiagramsWelcome to my UML 2.0 Communication Diagrams tutorial! If you haven’t seen my tutorial on Sequence Diagrams check it out first, because in this tutorial I explain Communication Diagrams by comparing them to Sequence Diagrams.

Communication diagrams are used to show links between participants. They focus in on which interactions are triggered and when. They also describe the order of events in all interactions. With the video below and the cheat sheet that follows it, you should be able to understand them in no time at all.

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UML Communication Diagram Cheat Sheet

Click the image below 2 times to see it full screen

UML Communication Diagram Cheat Sheet


4 Responses to “UML 2.0 Communication Diagrams”

  1. NaukriBadlo says:

    I liked your videos a lot. Can you please guide me how you create videos? Which software do you use to create such high quality videos?

    NaukriBadlo Team

  2. Coding4Lif3 says:

    Hi Derek,
    thank you for your videos! They are superb!!! ^_^

    One question, which software do you use for make the UML Diagram sheets? Do you use an Eclipse plugin or a MACOSX specific software?
    Is possibile to automatically create this diagrams from java code?

    Thanks in advance!

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