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Ask Me Anything

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  1. John von Horn says:

    Hi Derek,

    Asking you anything 🙂

    What is your favourite place in:

    1. Pennsylvania (I grew up in Allentown, PA and from your tutorials sense you might also be quite familiar with PA)

    2. North America

    3. The World

    The answers can all be the same if your favourite place in the world is also your favourite place in PA

    For me, hmmm, probably:

    1. Allentown (childhood memories – that was a long time ago – 1970’s). I’ve never actually been to western, PA.

    2. Never been but always loved NW USA {Washington, Oregon, Idaho [Dante’s Peak Country]}. Although I do love Mexican women and food 🙂

    3. Haven’t seen enough of our awesome planet yet but for now, let it be Greece – my best summer holiday ever – ended with getting the family stuck (we bicycled) on the wrong side of the island (Aegina) as the sun was starting to set and the whole family dissenting into pure mutiny. So I did the only thing I could, abandoned the family (*1), took those that wanted to come and cycled back, using the setting sun to guide me. My wife (now my x-wife) and her rebellion managed to get home in the back of a delivery truck. She was seriously not impressed with me. Moral of the story – don’t marry an idiot (me). I have a talent for getting into ridiculous situations (it’s not easy being an idiot) that can be brilliantly fun trying to get back out of. Some of the best days of my life plus Greece just happens to be a little bit magical 🙂

    *1 New idea for a website – helping a brother to shed all responsibility and do a runner (flee the nest) from his obligations by offering advice, shelter or crowd funding a ticket the hell out of there. I can hear the angry mob of women on the scent of the fugitive, baying for blood.

    The tagline – “Together, we’re stronger” or “We never leave a man behind”

    • Derek Banas says:

      Hi John,

      I am actually not much of a traveler now. When I was younger I traveled a ton though.

      1. In PA I’d say I like my home the best. Mainly that is because I like to run and bicycle and I live on a ton of hills. I also have a park nearby and a ton of things to do with my wife and kids.

      2. I loved California, but I think if I had to live any place it would be in a beach community. I loved Marco Island in Florida. I was always happy to go to the Jersey shore, but it lost the family friendly atmosphere that I used to love.

      3. I have only ever traveled to Mexico, Canada and a few other random South American countries. I didn’t get to spend much time in any one place so I can’t say much. They were all very nice.

      Yes I get into trouble most every time I spend to much time outside of my comfort zone. I’m quite different from what people think in the real world. I’m constantly experimenting on myself. I also talk a mile a minute very much like I do in my videos. My wife tells me it drives most people crazy, but not her 🙂

      Go with the website idea. It sounds like in the least you’d get a lot of interesting stories.

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