WordPress Problem’s Solved Pt 1

Wordpress Problems SolvedI’ve designed about 40 WordPress site’s and taught 20 plus people how to use it. In this article I’m going to go over the most common problem’s people have with WordPress. I’ll show you:

  • How to add content easily and legally
  • How to add descriptions, titles and keywords the right way
  • How to use the Media Library to add image’s and other media
  • How to edit image’s in WordPress
  • How to embed Video from Youtube using Viper’s Quicktag’s
  • How to embed media using Scribd

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How to Add Content Easily and Legally

I really value original content and so do search engine’s. If you want to create a site using other people’s content, you have to do it legally. Luckily WordPress provides the perfect tool. It’s called Press This.

Here is how you set it up:

  • Click on the tool’s section, in your left sidebar
  • Right click on the link named Press This
  • Click on save to Bookmark’s or Favorite’s
  • The link to Press This is saved

Now, Press This allows you to easily copy content from other people’s sites in a few easy steps:

  • See information you want
  • Highlight the information you want with your mouse (It will limit the amount you take to keep everything legal)
  • Click on on Press This in your Bookmark’s or Favorite area
  • A popup will open with the content  and title already entered for you.
  • Type in some keyword’s in the tag section
  • Click publish and the content and a link back to the original poster is created on your site.

If you click on the gray button that look’s like a filled in box surrounded by another gray box, you’ll see a list of all the image’s that site doesn’t mind if you copy. The gray icon next to it, show’s all the video’s they don’t mind if you copy, as well. If your having trouble following this, just watch the video above.

How to Add Descriptions, Titles and Keywords the Right Way

On all of your post’s you want to make sure you enter:

  • A Title that is no more than 60 character’s long (Search Engine Rule)
  • A Description that is no more than 160 character’s long (Another Search Engine Rule)
  • Keyword’s that are around 12 character’s in length
  • All the Tag’s, also known as keyword’s, that apply to your content
  • Remember character’s include white space and commas

If you install a plugin called All In One SEO, it will automatically create all of this for you, but the keyword’s it chooses are not always the best. I prefer to still use the plugin, but instead I type in the title, description and keyword’s of my own choosing. Then in the right sidebar I type in my tag’s in the sidebar labeled Post Tags and click Add.

How to use the Media Library to Add Image’s and Other Media

In regards to media, I store all of my photo’s in the Media library, but everything else is stored else where. Video’s are stored on YouTube and all other document’s are stored on scribd.com. Why? It saves you space on your hosting site and both these site’s provide excellent ways to embed data.

How to Upload Image’s from Your Computer

  • Click on Media, in your left sidebar
  • Click Add New
  • Click Select File’s and pick the image to upload
  • Enter Alternate Text and a Description
  • Click Save All Change’s
  • The url to the file you uploaded is right above the Save All Change’s button

How to Upload Image’s or Other File’s from your Desktop or Another Site

  • On the post page, you can upload images, video, audio, or other file types
  • Click in your article, where you want the chosen media to be placed
  • Click on the chosen gray logo, next to the word’s Upload/Insert
  • Now choose whether you want to upload a document from your computer, enter a URL, or pick from your media library
  • I recommend you never click the Add Media gray icon. Scribd.com provides a better free solution

How to Edit Image’s in WordPress

After you upload your image’s to your media library, you can edit them in many ways right inside of WordPress.

  • Click Media in your left sidebar
  • Click on the name of the image you would like to edit
  • Click the Edit Image button
  • Here you can Crop, Flip, Rotate and Scale your Image
  • The scaling tool automatically keeps your images from being distorted
  • After you import the image into your post, you can click on edit or delete in the post
  • If you click to edit the image, in the post, you can change the border and margin’s for the image

How to Embed Video from Youtube using Viper’s Quicktag’s

Normally, if you cut and paste the url for a video into your page WordPress will automatically embed it. For some reason, as of this date, it doesn’t always work? If you installed Viper’s Video Quicktag’s, you’ll be able to embed video on your site, inside of a nice player.

  • Click where you want your video to appear in your post
  • Click the button labeled Youtube, Google Video, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Veoh, Viddler, etc. (You Need Viper’s Video Quicktag’s to get these button’s)
  • Enter the URL of the video, you want to embed
  • Enter the dimension’s for the video, or just use the default
  • Click OK

How to Embed Media using Scribd

There is a great website call Scribd.com, that allows you to upload your different document types. They store them for free! You can then embed them in your website, inside of their document viewer.

  • Sign up for a Scribd Account. It’s free!
  • Click on one of the many Upload button’s on the screen
  • Select the file you want to embed on your site and upload it
  • After you upload it, give it a title, keyword’s and description
  • In the upper right hand corner, you’ll see your userid. Float your cursor over it and click My Documents
  • All of the document’s you uploaded are on the screen. Click the one you want to embed on your site.
  • In the lower right hand corner, copy the embed code
  • Jump back to your site and go to the post you want to embed the doc in
  • Click on the HTML tab in the right corner, above your post content
  • Paste the embed code in the HTML area.
  • Click Update or Publish and the document will be embedded in the post.

That’s All Folk’s

I hope this article help’s with any issue’s you have with WordPress? Leave question’s below. I’ll cover all the other common WordPress issue’s in the next two article’s.

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