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Sarah Palin Jib Jab CartoonCarl wrote in and requested that I create a video on how to create Jib Jab Style Flash Animation. It is actually very simple to copy their overall style. I think the hardest thing to copy is their very funny songs and Jib Jab’s great composition work.

You can actually do a lot with Flash Animation. Actually most cartoons on Cartoon Network were created with Flash. I’m working on my own cartoon as we speak. If you have any specific tutorials you’d like to see on Flash Animation leave them in the comment section below.

Here is the link to the files I create in this tutorial Flash Jib Jab Animation. You are welcome to do whatever you’d like with them.

Note: The video is best viewed Full Screen and at the highest resolution.

11 Responses to “Flash Jib Jab Animation”

  1. mysollati says:

    Hi! Love your flash videos! Thank you so much for your attention to detail. I would love to see something I haven’t seen on any online/youtube help videos: how do I make pop-up windows in flash? For instance, if I want to have a cartoon of someone, and then have the user mouse-over or click for a “think” or “text” bubble. Is there a technique in your currently uploaded videos that I might be able to modify to do this?

  2. Ratty says:

    Hi Derek,

    Very good tutorial on the effects similar to JibJab.

    I am looking to create website similar to JibJab specific to particular genre only. I think the first time setup of video and effects is good per this tutorial but how to replace head dynamically means users who will be uploading their face on website and we need to render video using their face quickly? Any help here will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    • admin says:

      You could have them upload the face and then save it in the location that the flash animation then uses for the face. Flash is just pulling the image dynamically and has no idea if it has been changed since last time. I’ll think about this because I’m sure their is a better way. I hope that helps for now

  3. amy says:

    Ive just gone through your tutorial etcall was great, but when I tried testing the movie the screen was blank, so I also tried exporting it as a movie, that was the same. When I opened flash CS5.5. up I had to chose which type of file I wanted to create. I have 3 coloumns with headings of create from template, create new, or learn, so I chose action script3.0 please can you suggest perhaps why its not working?

    • admin says:

      I just tested it. I just clicked Open and then located the SarahPalin.fla file. It opened for me. Skip the part where it asks you what type of file to work with and see what happens then

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