Flash Tutorial Part 5

Flash CartoonIn this video I show you how easy it is for anyone to draw interesting cartoons in Flash. I’m using the Flash Brush tool and a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet I got for under $100. I think this is the best tablet for Flash and it’s dirt cheap.

If you would like me to do more drawing tutorials in any other software packages just ask.

Leave your questions and comments below.

Note: The video is best viewed with the HD and Full Screen Buttons pressed.


2 Responses to “Flash Tutorial Part 5”

  1. Roland OShea says:

    Hi, just found your site yesterday, what a great collection of ideas and things to learn!! I’m 73 so learning takes a little more effort LOL. I have a neighbor with a 14 year old daughter who is a very good artist and she is interested in computer drawing. You mentioned a Bamboo tablet for about a $100 but most of ones I find are about $200. Can you suggest a model # that I can give to the girl. Thanks for all of your work, I’m sure it will benefit many people in this world.

    • admin says:

      Hi, That’s great that you are still learning. Very few people of any age seems to look for education. I find the world to be amazing and that’s why I never get tired of learning. As per the tablets. You can get a small version of what I use for under $100 CTH461 Bamboo Craft Tablet. I personally buy refurbished electronics. This is my exact tablet Bamboo Fun Refurbished It is available for just over $100. I hope that helps. Thanks for taking the time to say hi 🙂

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