Great 404 Pages

Css Tricks 404 PageNothings better than an unexpected laugh. The best time for an unexpected laugh is right after a moment of disappointment.

Now I’m not saying a 404 error is known to cause mass depression! When you make a custom 404 page for your site you show your visitors that you care enough to pay attention to the little things.

So, I present some great 404 pages. If I missed any that you like, leave them below in the comments. I love to see new ones.

Centerd 404 PageA List Apart 404 Page

New Yorker 404 Page

Tech Crunch 404 Page

Strenvy 404 Page

Spore 404 Page

Special Place In Hell 404 Page

Reddit 404 Page

Proteys Info 404 Page

Paf 404 Page

North Face 404 Page

Motion CZ 404 Page

Marvel 404 Page

Mail Chimp 404 Page

Jumping Jackrabbits 404 Page

In Life 404 Page

Icon Finder 404 Page

iStock Photo 404 Page

Home Star Runner 404 Page

Hasbro 404 Page

Google 404 Page

Gojee 404 Page

Future Of Web Design 404 Page

Elixir Eleven 404 Page

Css Tricks 404 Page

Code Plane 404 Page

Blizzard 404 Page

Bitly 404 Page

24 7 Media 404 Page

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  1. Jesper Josefsson says:

    Great page!
    You need to add this one, though:

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