Royalty Free Animal Photos

Gorilla PhotoThank you for the email’s thanking me for putting up the royalty free photo’s from the Phipps Conservatory.

Here are more royalty free animal photo’s from my trip to the Pittsburgh zoo. Use them in anyway you like for free.

I have photo’s of elephants, polar bears, snakes, gazelles, penguins, peacocks, beaver, seal, kangaroos, monkeys, gorilla, lizards, turtles, etc.

Snake PhotoSnake PhotoPolar Bear PhotoKangaroo PhotoBeaver PhotoBeaver PhotoSeal PhotoPeacock PhotoPeacock PhotoShark PhotoPolar Bear PhotoPolar Bear PhotoBear PhotoGorilla PhotoGorilla PhotoMonkey PhotoMonkey PhotoGiraffe PhotoElephant PhotoElephant PhotoGazzelle PhotoGazzelle PhotoLion PhotoGiant Ant Hill PhotoFlamingo PhotosFlamingo PhotosPenguin PhotoGazzelle PhotoTurtle PhotoLizard PhotoSnake PhotoKangaroo PhotoBeaver PhotoShark photoPolar Bear PhotoFish PhotoUnderwater PhotoGiraffe Photo

6 Responses to “Royalty Free Animal Photos”

  1. Nice, You might taken all pictures in that zoo. Thanks

  2. Chris Kavanagh says:

    Great pics Derek. . .I think most of the venomous snakes there belong to a guy on youtube, AL Coritz, who goes by “Viperkeeper”. They’re either his snakes, or relatives of his snakes.

    I don’t care much for snakes, lol, but if you like that type of thing he has some AWESOME videos on Y.T. His “scary short” vids are amazing, if you like watching the most dangerous snakes in the World come within inches of biting Al.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you 🙂 These are all my photos. I took them while at the Pittsburgh Zoo. I’ll take a look at the the videos. I’m not that into snakes, but they can be interesting for sure.

  3. neil turner says:

    thanks for putting up your Android tutorials they are very professional and immensely helpful.

    I also like photography and visiting zoos so it it great to see your images.

    Best wishes, Neil.

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