King of New York Review

King of New York GameTonight I’m trying something completely different for Random Live Stream Friday. I’ll be reviewing the King of New York board game. I’ll show how to play it. Then I play live with 4 other people in a Live Stream. I’m doing my best to make original, new content that is fun.

On Monday I’ll have my first Maker Monday! Maker Monday will center around fun educational videos on topics like Electronics, 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Kits, Crafts, etc. I hope you can join me live for it on Monday at 8PM EST / New York Time.



8PM EST Monday : Maker Monday Live Stream
7PM EST Tuesday : Live Stream Games
Wednesday : Programming Video
7PM EST Thursday : Live Stream Games
8PM EST Friday : Random Live Stream Friday
Saturday : Programming Video

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