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YouTube Preview ImageIn this article, I’ll show you two Blog Plugins that will submit your website to search engines for free. Each plugin has been tested on the newest version of WordPress version 2.9. Plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything, but it is possible to have to much of a good thing. Remember for every plugin you add to your site, you are incrementally slowing down your website load time. So choose wisely.

Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress: This is the first of the blog plugins to install on your site. It will create a sitemap.xml and robots.txt file for you and then update those files each time you change your site and inform all of the major search engines of the changes. A sitemap.xml file tells search engines:

  • What is on your site
  • What are the most important pages on your site
  • How often the search engine should check your site for changes

Amazingly enough, many web developers do not create this extremely important file for their clients. A robots.txt file, tells search engines where they can locate your sitemap file. The video above shows you how to install and set up this plugin as well as the Google Analytics blog plugin.

Google Analytics for WordPress: Would you like to know exactly what people are looking at on your website? What content do visitors value? Where do your visitor’s come from? Would you like to make sure you are improving and not hurting your site? Welcome to the wonderful world of Google Analytics and this great blog plugin.

In the video above I show you how to set up Analytics, plus how to submit your site, to all of the major search engines.

Another way to Submit your Website, but Still Free

You can, after you create a sitemap.xml file, send a little note to search engines by pinging them. Just type or cut and paste the following website addresses into any browser and click enter.Of course, replace [your site map link] with the exact location of your site map.

Ping Google:[your site map link]

Ping Yahoo:[your site map link]

Ping Bing:[your site map link]

Ping[your site map link]

You can also ping a bunch of other directories and search engines by going to Pingomatic. You just type in your website name, website address and RSS feed location (if you have one) and Pingomatic does the rest.

What are the Web Addresses were I can Manually Submit my Site?




Ask: Sorry doesn’t have one.

I hope that helps everyone get their sites noticed by search engines. If you have any questions leave them below and if you like the video please give it a good rating.

Till next time…

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  1. Hey very pleasant website!! Man .. I will take the feeds

  2. cesar says:

    excellent information. Will add it to my execution plan. Thanks

  3. Nice Article with GREAT information. Thanks so much and looking forward to your additional posts/pages.

  4. Diggi says:

    Good read….thanks for the share 🙂

  5. Salahriya says:

    I like this information,,its very helpful 4 me

  6. Yousri says:

    Hi Derek
    thanks great information, What do you think of BWP GXS plugin it can be used without Google XML Sitemape3.2.2 or we have to use the two?

    • admin says:

      I wouldn’t use BWP GXS only because I don’t host numerous sites on one hosting plan. That seems to be the only benefit of it. It would also be for someone with a dedicated host I would think which is terribly expensive. I still use the sitemap plugin I mentioned in this tutorial. Maybe I should change, but I’ve not received a good enough reason to do so

  7. Gary says:

    very useful article.. cheers..

  8. tim says:

    great site will bookmark it for future use

  9. Amit says:

    its good for me

  10. Abhishek Kumar Singh says:

    How the bloggers update their main page(Home page) or update their website or how they post a new article without the use of wordpress.

  11. yume says:

    Hi Derek, I have some questions and hope you don’t mind answering.

    I’m a beginner developer focused on mvc and c#, but I wanted to use php for simpler websites like a resume or portfolio.
    I recently created a one page responsive resume for myself built with simple html, jquery and bootstrap. I wanted to ask how I can make a one page show up on search engines. I read your articles about submitting a sitemap on google, but will that work for one page website? My domain name is my whole name so when I searched for it on google it just shows my facebook and linkedin profile links (and some random name database sites). I have my titles and description filled in.

    I am currently watching your php tutorials so I can use that on future one page website (mostly for contact forms). I want to make more one page websites and sell it to people, but I want to make sure I know the best ways for it to show on search engines. Do you also have an idea how much I should charge? I’m planning on making templates for now so people can choose from those designs (unless they have a specific design in mind) then that should be charge more, right?

    Thank you!

    • Derek Banas says:

      I doubt you’ll be able to ever rank well with a one page website on Google. Google has made it increasingly hard to rank well mainly I think because they ignore are very large number of sites all together. They focus on the sites with the most content and ignore the rest.

      I might be wrong, but from what I’ve seen if you want a site that ranks well you must make large sites with a lot of content.


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