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Girl Following Sales ScriptRandy19 wrote in and asked, “Do you have any information on referrals? I really need referral strategies. If you had a referral script, that would be perfect?”

Here is the Referral Information you’ve been waiting for. I’ll show you how to dramatically increase the number of referral’s you receive. Just follow the script.

Chances are you have customer’s that like you? Why aren’t they referring you business then? The reason is, your service doesn’t come up in conversation’s enough. If someone asked them who to go for, for whatever you sell, they would refer you more likely than not. Chances are that this won’t happen however.

When is the last time you referred someone? Are you happy with the person that cuts your hair? Chances are you have only mentioned this if someone complimented you on it. Maybe?

Get them to Remember you with a Symbol

You express yourself with symbol’s.

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Brands you associate with
  • Religions you associate with
  • Clubs you belong to

You have had amazing experience’s that you would find hard to remember unless you have a symbol associated with it. Open a junk drawer and look at some souvenirs, ticket stubs and memorabilia. Do those experience’s flood back into your consciousness now?

Could you conjure those experiences without a symbol? Sure, but chances are you wouldn’t. What you have to do to get more referral’s, is to get symbols into your customer’s offices that represent you.

Step’s to Create an Amazing Symbol Anchor

I’ve talked about anchors in the past. An anchor is a:

  • Word
  • Touch
  • Gesture
  • Object

That when experienced, makes a person re-experience a previous event. You obviously want to anchor a positive event. The next time your at the customer’s office, look for:

  • Important pictures
  • Hobbies
  • Important objects

Now figure out what type of gift you could give them that would be based on what they love most. This gift:

  • Shouldn’t be expensive
  • Should be unique or scarce
  • Should be representative of a meaningful event or hobby
  • Should be personalized in some way to them
  • Should be given unexpectedly

Set the Hook

Let’s say a customer shows you picture’s they just received of their grandchildren. The next time you see them, with a “Greatest Grandpa” personalized picture frame in hand, you say:

  • “Mr. Customer, I’ve noticed we have been working together for 8 years.”
  • “I get calls from business acquaintances of yours all of the time.”
  • “I have to believe that I receive these calls because you have brought my name up in conversations.”
  • Then you hand them the gift and say, “I want to thank you for all of the times you’ve recommended me.”
  • “I’d like to give you this small token of my appreciation.”
  • “I remembered how delighted you where by the photo’s of your grandchildren. And, I think this frame would fit one of them beautifully!”
  • “Thanks buddy, your help has been very appreciated!”

Chances are, they will accept the gift and not say anything if they don’t remember giving the referral. They’ll think, maybe I did give the referral. Or, at the very least, they won’t want to spoil the moment.


Are you going to get referral’s from this person? You bet! Human beings follow certain rule’s. I write at length about them here: Theory Negotiation Bargaining for Advantage

By reciprocating, I just mean that when we are given a gift we are inclined to give one in return. This rule is responsible for the creation of societies across the planet. If people didn’t share we would have never created towns and then large metropolitan cities. Along time ago, we started sharing food for pottery and so forth. That tradition continues today. This rule is so powerful that there is a general distaste for anyone that takes and makes no effort to return in kind.

So, every time your customer looks at that picture frame they will think about:

  • How much they love their grandchildren
  • That you gave them the frame
  • That you gave it because they refer you business
  • That your a swell person
  • Who they can refer you to, to reciprocate the gift

One Last Tip

Joe Girard, the man considered by the Guiness Book of World Record’s, to be the greatest salesman ever got thousands of referral’s. How did he do it? He simply sent out a card to each of his customer’s, every month that had the phrase “I like you”, written in it.

It’s nearly impossible to dislike someone that like’s us. So, who do you think all of his customer’s referred their friend’s to?

That’s All Folk’s

If you want to learn more about technique’s such as this read: Neuro Linguistic Programming. And, if you have a question you’d like me to answer, leave it in the comment box below.

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