Spot Tells in Poker

Puzzled About DerivativesIn a previous tutorial I showed you how to spot bluffs and tells in Poker. It is available here Spot Poker Bluffs.

Because of the great demand for additional video tutorials on Psychology and Body Language, I decided to turn it into a video tutorial.

What is the Difference Between a Bluff and a Tell?

Bluffing is when the other guy wants to make you think they have a bad or good hand. A Tell is a mannerism that informs you on whether their hand is good or not. Spotting bluffing is pretty easy to do, but spotting a tell will take some time at the table.

If you want to see more on body language check out my most popular tutorial here Gestures and Body Language.

Slides From the Video

Basics of Winning at Poker

  • Get them Drunk
  • Master the Fundamentals
  • Keep them in the game when you have the best hand
  • What is the difference between a Bluff and a Tell?

Common Poker Bluffs

  • Do the opposite
  • Competitors act weak when they are strong and vice versa
  • Exaggerated motions normally equal bad hands
  • Players stare people down when they are bluffing
  • Players act disinterested when they are strong
  • Reaching for their chips

Poker Tell Basics

  • Trust the first reaction and distrust the second
  • What a look at the chips tells you
  • What are they looking at?

Poker Tell Signs of the Hands

  • Hand shaking equals a good hand
  • What does it mean when they show their hand
  • Touching the face equals a bluff
  • Players protect good hands

Poker Tell Signs of the Eyes

  • Lack of eye contact normally equals bluffing
  • How many times have they looked at their cards?
  • If they act bored they probably have a good hand

Poker Tell Signs of the Legs

  • Differences normally equal bluffing
  • Flat feet equal good hands
  • Crossed feet equal bluffing

Random Poker Tells

  • People with good hands talk
  • Bluffers don’t move
  • Any change in posture means the player is changing their style
  • Changes in check and raise speed also equals a change in style

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