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Medicare Social SecurityI created an article on how Medicare / Social Security got into their current state called Fix Social Security and Medicare. I never thought it would get much attention, but after I received a bunch of emails on it, I decided to create this presentation.

I don’t believe Medicare / Social Security will ever go away, no matter how many politicians say that it will. The fact is that without Medicare / Social Security 90% of US citizens could not afford to survive in the retirement years.

If you want to see the stats from this tutorial check out Fix Social Security and Medicare.

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I did create a presentation on the US Financial Crisis recently. I did my best to explain exactly what happened in it. I also pointed out many issues that I have never read any where else.

All of my data comes from two sources being the Federal Reserve Boards Survey of Consumer Finances and the IRS Tax Stats Reports.

If you want to see more facts on US Income Inequality and US Net Worth Inequality from these government sources check out:

This information was very hard to come by. I hope that you enjoy reading more about this subject.

Leave any questions and comments below. Just understand if you cuss the comment will never be seen 🙂

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