Nazi Propaganda Posters

nazi propaganda postersIn my previous post I showed you the Propaganda Posters of the United States during World War 2.

This time I present Nazi Propaganda Posters. When I first received these I expected them to be very violent, but I found them to be less violent than the first set.

While the American posters called for civilians to do their part and to degrade the enemy the Nazi posters differed greatly. They instead focused on German power and the superiority of the German people.

I’d be very interested in hearing your opinions on these two forms of propaganda. So here are all of the posters that you guys sent me. Thanks again.

Youre FrontWorkers of the end of the fistwho calls you tooWe remain comradesUnion Bankunder the folds of the flagNazi party secures the national communityanti jew propaganda postersGerman NavyThe enemy sees your lightshame on you Liarnazi propaganda artnazi propaganda artreichsbahnred war native or comradePoster - KoloniePeoples National Socialistspaperone rich one fuhrerone edgenot sacrifice donateworld war 2 postersnazisNazi Poster - Adolf HitlerNazi Art - Bombs Over CoventryNazi Art - AustriaNazi Art - Attacking The EnemyNazi Artww2 posters propaganda 2ww2 posters propagandaLong live Deutchlandpropaganda posters ww2leader we follow youleader of the motorizationwar propaganda posters 2war propaganda posterskinderww2 postersHostels and homeshonor and conscience against Bolshevismgerman propaganda 2german propagandanazi posters 4nazi posters 3nazi posters 2nazi postersHitler is the victoryhitler builds on the selection listHappy Nazi Childwwii propaganda posters 3wwii propaganda posters 2wwii propaganda postersNazi Propaganda Poster 5Nazi Propaganda Poster 4Nazi Propaganda Poster 3Nazi Propaganda Poster 2Nazi Propaganda PosterNazi Propaganda Posters 8Nazi Propaganda Posters 7Nazi Propaganda Posters 6Nazi Propaganda Posters 5Nazi Propaganda Posters 4Nazi Propaganda Posters 3Nazi Propaganda Posters 2Nazi Propaganda PostersGerman Propaganda Posters 8German Propaganda Posters 7German Propaganda Posters 6German Propaganda Posters 5

27 Responses to “Nazi Propaganda Posters”

  1. Ab says:

    Hi, I am an online editor for a journal. Please can you tell me how I can reproduce one of these posters on a not-for-profit parts of the website I run that’s aimed at students? Is there an issue with copyright or are the posters in the public domain now?

  2. Timm says:

    I am enjoying your web development tutorials. I’m a little confused as to the purpose of this postings. I came across them by chance while surfing your site after watching a CSS video and was curious why you would want to share this stuff?

    I’m not going to assume you are a Nazi or sympathizer of such hate, but I would like to know that there is some sort of reason for sharing these things that are very hurtful to my family(I have relatives who are survivors of the Holocaust).

    Thanks in advance and I’m not jumping to conclusions. I would just like to know that you are not in any way someone who would espouse such hate because I’m finding that there aren’t many sources for good web dev tutorials and yours is well put together.

    Thanks in advance for answering my comment.

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry if I offended you. I’m not in anyway a Nazi sympathizer. I just put that propaganda as well as the Allied propaganda to make people aware of how they can be manipulated. I think of it as a warning to how marketing can get people to do terrible things.

      I used to make a ton of videos explaining how marketing is used to manipulate people from the point of view of someone on the inside. This propaganda was just an extension of that information. I’m in no way a believer in propaganda no matter what the goal may be.

      I hope that makes sense? Derek

      • Timm says:

        Thanks Derek. I appreciate your reply. I didn’t think anyone of your intellect would be silly enough to expressly condone or endorse Nazism while trying to offer the great technology training that you do, but as a Jewish user of your site(albeit not observant) I certainly wouldn’t want to use a site if the owner was looking to have me exterminated.

        I agree about propaganda. Perhaps you can use your savvy to get the news networks/debate moderators to ask the presidential candidates some difficult questions.

        • admin says:

          I’m not a big believer in the news media, or politicians in general. Look up Gary Webb a San Jose Mercury News Reporter. He broke wide open the whole Iran Contra mess. He was attacked by every major news company in the US. He was fired and later on died under strange circumstances. After his death everything he stated was proven correct, but by that point most US citizens stopped paying attention.

          If you want an example of how politicians constantly act in the short term interest vs the long term interest of their countries, I have many. Here is a recent This American Life episode that explains how Europe destroyed itself for short term gains CONTINENTAL BREAKUP.

          Here is an interesting article on the true cost of TARP

          Crazy stuff

  3. Timm says:

    I concur about the media and politicians, however I don’t like to paint with a broad brush. The same can be said for people in the web/seo business in terms of scum…nothing is 100% and there are no guarantees. That’s the philosophy I live by.

    Anyways, thanks again for responding. Now back to CSS!

  4. Joseph says:

    Very interesting! The conclusion is obviously open to interpretation but I think that it is very typical of the Germans to have “less violent posters” than America.
    The reason for this is that they are very proper. They wanted to execute the “final solution” but didn’t want to lower themselves while doing it (so they focused on the superiority aspect of it). They were monsters while being cultured. They listened to classical music, were chivalrous, and murderers.
    The executed their orders in a cold “clean” way. In the other hand the Polish and Ukrainians acted like monsters and their propaganda reflects it.
    As for the US, I think that morals are what drive us (or used to drive us) and the shock value was used to gain our attention.

    • admin says:

      Very interesting points. I find it very interesting that while the US population was largely made up from citizens of German decent that they were so different. Even today 17% of the U.S. population classifies themselves as German Americans the country’s largest self-reported ancestral group. 13% consider themselves of British ancestry.

      I personally consider myself to be strictly American. I was never very interested in traditions

      • Joseph says:

        I don’t think it has to do with traditions. Most people classify themselves based on their ancestry but I don’t think that they pay much attention to it (Italians may be an exception to the rule IMHO). Kinda like religion. Most people consider themselves Catholic/Protestant/Jewish/etc. but don’t practice it or pay too much attention to it. Anyway, great site and thanks for sharing your knowledge and this interesting comparison!

  5. Joseph says:

    “I find it very interesting that while the US population was largely made up from citizens of German decent that they were so different. ”

    I think it is the power of the masses. The Germans were a large minority but the majority was not “proud German”. Also, many of them were immigrants at the time and embarrassed about their ancestry.

    Look at fashion for example. There are a few influential people that make something fashionable and then it all of a sudden becomes the in thing. Something that someone would not dare wearing 5 years ago (a slim tie for example) is perfectly fine now. in a few years you will look like a fool with a wide tie…

  6. I just put a few American war effort posters on the web page above. I think they have a lot in common, but the German posters seem to promote fear more than power. Also it might be intersting to know in what order the posters were made as we know the German group psichosis was a slow evolution based on brainwashing people that all their problems were caused by people of other races and what to do about it. I imagine that Jew poster was carefully released when the converts to Nazism were primed and ready to join the linchings. Not much different than the hunts that constantly happened for a hundred years in the South of this country with horribly scared black people, kids women, old people. The same exact thing. Even the derogatory negro posters were probably a model to Hitler. We did it before him, and have never really apologized to the great grand children of those enslaved people Even today there is an awakening to the fact that certain party has all but become the last white man stand in denial of the incredibly wonderful diversity of our country.

    Thanks for sharing these posters. It helps me see why we should continue our vigil do this never happens againg on our watch.

    • admin says:

      I’d like to analyze propaganda in tutorials some day. If for no other reason I think once people see how it works they are able to notice its use by governments all over the world. I’m amazed at how easy it is to drive people to near insanity behind politicians that have no interest in doing anything they promise during a campaign. I have no interest in any political party because as far as I have seen they use nothing but propaganda and have little interest in the truth or solving problems.

      Thank you for your ideas. It is indeed very interesting

  7. Chris Holderman says:

    I have been sorting through the tutorials you have created and this is a little line or two of appreciation. The tutorials are well done and perhaps the most informative that I have run across on the internet. I hope the series continues since I have seen others who started with the same purpose but gave up unexpectedly for some unpublished reason or another.

    As for the propaganda, I will consider your point that the German side had a less overtly violent marketing focus carefully.

    From a few of the comments above it seems that a bit of a disconnect may have occured since the major draw to your site appears to be programming instruction.

    Your dynamism can be appreciated if one were to consider it as a conversation between several colleagues at the end of a day that has been focused on a difficult and completely unrelated main subject (say, Java reflection). It would certainly have been grasped immediately had it been a fan posting about the Green Bay Packers, for example. In contrast to the Gestapo, the Green Bay Packers don’t appear on many people’s blacklist (unlike the Dallas Cowboys who are similar in most respects to the Third Reich, ha, ha). Regardless, the purpose of your series posting on propagands was sufficiently explained in the preample.

    This may be a real world example of “crossing the partition” to interact with a separate department. Sadly, well-roundedness is often difficult to demonstrate in a universally acceptable way but your efforts are appreciated. Please continue, sir.

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much for your comment. This site is completely random mainly because I have allowed my audience to tell me what to cover.

      As per the propaganda I tried to stay objective with this information. I also know that I’m not an expert on topics like these. I may not be an expert on anything? I do however know that by communicating with others I learn a great deal about the world when I look at all points of view.

      I also don’t do this stuff to be popular. I obviously don’t even try to get views because my topics have become more obscure as time has gone by. I continue to work on this site because I enjoy covering topics have not. I don’t think I’ve done a particularly good job at helping others to let their voices be heard. I hope to improve on that and in every other way possible

      • Chris Holderman says:

        I thought about whether Nazi propaganda tended to be shall we say “watered down” and I retrieved a short example entitled, “Chapter Two” that supports your theory perfectly. Keep those tut’s coming along sansei.

        • Derek Banas says:

          That’s funny 🙂 so, you think that the US propaganda was meant to scare the other side? That may be. I’ve never seen an objective explanation of the aims of the differing propaganda. From what I’ve heard just a few mistakes here and there turned the course of the war. I’m not sure how much propaganda had to do with determining the winning side?

          • Chris Holderman says:

            It’s simply a scary mask. Throughout time masks have been used in battle to intimidate the enemy. War paint is the same. The movie is a fiction. It didn’t happen that way.

            But the idea that the team was equal to the challenge is a frightening one to the enemy.

            The real question is: How do you fight an evil that makes no use of violence yet grows like a cancer?

            Does such an evil even exist?

  8. Christian says:

    The Nazi propaganda machinery got a lot of support by the famous PR-expert Edward Bernays. His book “Propaganda” is the ultimate theoretical foundation for propaganda and general marketing. He worked for many big American companies, but also for the Nazi party.


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